Sunday, July 14, 2013

Properly responding to the George Zimmerman Trial verdict

Remembering Trayvon Martin
The verdict is in:

 Not Guilty!

Some believe that justice has prevailed...others do not. two truths are evident:

  • George Zimmerman is a Free Man.
  • Trayvon Martin is Dead!
Where do we go from here? First the answer is not anarchy. No rioting, looting, civil unrest. No-No-No!

The answer is Love...

What's Love gotta do wit it?

If the Trayvon Martin death is to have any significance, it must be one of a cause-to-action. Martin's death demands that we pay increased attention to the plight and potentially dangerous landscape that is faced by America's Black Male Youth. It is DANGEROUS to be a Black Teen in America.

The reality is that RACE is/was the (one of many) factor in the Zimmerman case. Beyond that of race, we also have an issue of economic disparity within our Justice system. Trayvon is a cause celebre -- propelling us to action.

The family and friends of Trayvon have set a foundation to set his legacy into infamy. The Trayvon Martin Foundation is my engine for remembrance, action, and political change. State and Federal laws, Gun Control, and a conversation about Youth in America is desperately needed.

Please join me in remembering Trayvon Martin by supporting the Trayvon Martin Foundation.