Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grieving a Job Loss

I lost my job...almost a year ago. Slowly, I've regained my footing. But WOW! it was dang tough.

One of the thing that I did was to record my thoughts the next day after my termination [click here to listen to my job loss podcast episode].

My emotions felt like a kick in the gut!$#@&

Losing a Job is like experiencing Death...

Grief is a powerful emotion! Ever lost a pet, a family member or friend, or perhaps been through a divorce? Well, let me tell ya...Job Loss brings a set of emotions to the table that is as debilitating as grief emotions experience via a death in the family.

Why is this? One: Jobs are important to our livelihood. Second: We spend most of our lives at work...more so than any other place or scenario. Third: Self-esteem is largely determined by our stature or occupation position.

How to Survive Job Loss

The way to survive job loss is to simply experience it for what it is. LOSS! I had to go through the full range of emotions -- the loss, the sense of shame, and the grief.

After losing my job almost a year ago (yeah, I was fired...), I'm just getting back on my feet. Thank God I was able to maintain my credit, home, vehicles, and self-respect. In my case, it was the financial and emotional support from my spouse that helped me the most. Translation, I had a strong support system. Otherwise, who knows where I'd end up...

To hear the full emotional impact of my plight, listen to this radiocast -- posted today, yet recorded back in May 2012. If you have been unemployed for any length of time, or have recently lost your job (fired, quit, downsized, laid-off, etc.), then please leave a comment(s).