Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Steps to Weight Loss 2013

Are you planning to lose weight as one of your 2013 New year resolutions? Do you plan to starve yourself, crash-diet, treadmill exercise to the point of coronary failure? If this describes you, then I say...STOP THE MADNESS!

 I've been down this path myself; through the years, I've learned a thing or two about Weight Loss Goal-Setting. The key to success is my five step process...I call it, The Five Step Psychology of Weight Loss 2013. Cheers to your 2013Weight Loss Success!

The Keys to Success...

Losing weight, attaining financial independence, or going for that big promotion at work...all follow along the same path. To get there, you need a plan! Can you imagine the stress upon the body and mind that you and I place upon ourselves by jumping into an ill-thought action to lose radical weight after a holiday of frivolous eating/drinking/sleeping/couching? Getting to Yes, then we've got to have an action plan.

The Five Step Psychology of Successful Weight Loss

Thinking about my own weight loss and fitness issues and challenges, I've come up with a 5-step process that has worked well for me. First, I've come to realize that all success --as well as failure--begins and ends within the theater or our minds. The formal label for this phenomenon, is psychology.

The five steps are:
  1. Self Acceptance
  2. Medical Examination and Evaluation
  3. Ask the BIG WHY?
  4. Proper Goal Setting
  5. Defining and Celebrating Success
Rather than dissecting the mechanics of each of these five action steps, I speak extensively about this psychology on my radio show. >>Go to the EncouragementGuy! Radio show by following this link>> Please post a comment about your challenges and successes relative to your weight loss efforts...