Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day Blues

Gen. D.A. McArthur
In a former life, I was a Military Bandsman (aka trombone player in uniform). Within my military communities and cities around the United States, the Fourth of July is a BIG DEAL! Fireworks, apple pie, and military band concerts.

In particular, the 1812 Overture is the piece-de-resistance for concluding a July 4th event. The last note is held over by the conductor -- cue fireworks and happily-screaming patriotic fans.

Yet there is one other military music favorite that moves me beyond measure...

Duty Honor Country

McArthur's speech to West Point Cadet, Class of '62, was punctuated with the General's oratory on the meaning of military service and sacrifice. Within his 20 minute -- voice-crackling speech -- McArthur returned again and again to the theme..Duty, Honor, Country.

Read more about McArthur's speech, Military Bands, a YouTube video performance, and why this former military musician has the Independence Day Blues... [Click here to read more...]

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