Friday, May 31, 2013

Time waits for No Wo-Man

Do you ever wish you had more time in a day? Ever wonder how you can stretch the 24 hours of a day into 28 hours? Truth is, we can accomplish this herculean feat by following a really simple formula…

Chew Your Sandwich

"You can't get blood outta a rock," my mother used to say. Thus, we can't squeeze extra time from the allotted 24 hour day. Further, it is only when begin to see time as an abstract non-real product of our mind, we will never grasp the reality of time itself.

My excuses for wasting time

Facing up to my own shortcoming -- mainly excuses for not getting things done, I had to have a heart-to-heart talk with myself about my use of time. As my guest(s), you [all] are invited to snoop in and listen to my conversation with self about me and time. [Click here] to hear more of the conversation or copy/paste into your browser.

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