Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Commitment

U.S. Marines (Commitment)

Just because you work or stick with something for a long time doesn't (necessarily) mean that you are committed. I have begun consulting within an area that I happened to be good at. Yet, I know that my commitment is not there. How do I know or recognize this self-revelation? Because my head is engaged; my heart is not.

What exactly is Commitment?

Being committed usually symbolizes that an individual has given one  ALL toward a noteworthy cause. Case in point, the U.S. Marines. Although the Marines are the toughest, roughest, and most hardcore of all the major services, Marines exhibit an indistinguishable display of esprit de corps [aka Commitment].

Following along this example, the argument can be made that one can perform well and for a long stint of time without the key ingredient of commitment. True..,oh so true indeed.

I've learned this truth within my own vocation. My work is praised and commended, yet all the while...I ain't committed. My battle-tested realization is that commitment must exude from the heart rather than the head (spiritual versus mental).

However, my self-realized thoughts on the question of commitment and success is that commitment, once fully embraced, leads one to long term achievement. In a sense, you could say that real commitment  is desire + perseverance =/equaling Passion!

Thus, the Letter 'C' stands for commitment. Do you have commitment? 

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