Friday, March 1, 2013

I Believe in the Power of Recycling
Do you recycle? I do...religiously! Although it may seem like a messy chore, recycling is one of the most generous and conscientious things that humans can do to preserve the planet. [hear why I am a recycling freak]
Making the planet a better place to live is the job of everyone, including children and the elderly. In the last ten years we’ve learned more about how to live green than ever before. The concerns of the environment have been shared by numerous groups, including the government, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Boy and Girl Scouts, and others. [source:]
For me, recycling is a way of life. My trash is almost at Net Zero. BestBuy has a great program to collecting unwanted CDs and DVDs; computers can be recycled by contacting the manufacturer.

One of the Federal Government Community recycling leaders is Fort Hood, Texas. Their 2020 NetZero (no waste) program serves as a model for all communities -- government as well as civilian -- looking to reduce their landfills and carbon emissions.

Why won't you join the recycling movement? It's Time... hear why I am a recycling freak

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