Thursday, October 11, 2012

Timing is Everything

Whether we whether we realize it or not, time has a great effect upon our success. Yes, time is only an estimate of measurement, yet can hold the key to success. That key is knowing when the [perfect] time is right.

It’s a fact that it takes nine months for a human fetus [baby] to grow to full maturity. This is no accident; because the gestation process involves a nine month period. The trimester time series of natural events must run its course – even though the mother desires for the baby to be born earlier. If this mother’s wish were to be granted (early arrival), it would be undeniable that the baby would be born premature. This imperfect of time (or timing) would then lead to medical complications…denying the baby to reach its fullest potential.

Universal Timing

And so it is with life.  Whatever we wish for -- our careers to blossom, the right time to purchase that perfect stock, or even the right time to speak up in a meeting. It’s all about timing! If we are too soon, then all will be wasted; too late, and the opportunity passes us by. Perhaps it’s no accident that our constitutional fathers of the United States ordained that a President could not be younger than 36 years of age before taking office.

So now you’re wondering: “When is your perfect time?” I’ve often wondered this myself; that’s why I’ve decided to engage in a short study of [the perfection and knowing] when the right time is about to occur for life events. To really get a grasp of this, I went back to the study of philosophy, religion, and world history. If we look back to the time of Napoleon, historians write that Napoleon would not have been able to be such a military success had it not been for the just-in-time patterns of the seas.

These waterways cooperated in such a way that his ships were in the right position for its battle strategic impact.  The same can be said for 20th century Battle of Normandy. Had it not been for a certain [time] alignment of moon, stars, and tidal water levels, the beaches would not have been able to be breached. Allied Forces Marines and Soldiers could not have launched an offensive from the beach. 

Now is the Time

Often, we as humans want everything to happen right away. We ask and demand with hope…praying for our dreams come to pass immediately. We then come to understand that everything occurs on his own time. We live in a pushbutton society. This pushbutton existence includes everything from instant potatoes to movies-on-demand. Newsflash: some things aren’t always intended to work with immediacy.

Consulting the writings and teachings of the Holy Bible, I see that many of the biblical writers and prophets actually talked about time in great detail. The Book of Solomon records, “there is a time for everything. A time of war, a time of peace; a time for love and a time for hate. Even the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, is a book that is prophetic in nature -- yet refers to a time of the end of times.

The main thing to understand about time is that we only have a certain amount of time on this earth. As humans, we should cherish this time and not waste it because of the shortness of time [within the grand scheme of things]. Some things that we need to be aware of are that we should take responsibility for our life experiences. Also, remembering that there is a time to realize that we have to face our fears. We must face the realization that we are part of something that is bigger than us all.

The most important thing of all things [with regard to time] is to remember that we all have an appointment time…whether we realize it or not. Everything happens in its own time. If we were to take grapes and make grape juice, the fermentation process dictates the fact that there will be no wine before its time. Everything takes time.

Whether it’s looking for a new job, waiting for the medical diagnosis, or hoping for a cure. Everything happens [reveals itself] in an appointed time. If we relate this to a spiritual sense or a philosophical point of view, we come to realize that everything has or everything will occur within the universal time spectrum. Once we accept that everything happens at the set point of time and space, we can begin to relax and stay calm. We can work on our patience and know that we have the ability to wait for results within the grand scheme of things.  Waiting is actually part of the process of time -- in which we mature into human beings of greatness.