Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Real Reason Why Speaking could be Killing You

Do you talk, or speak, and converse? Of course you do. All human beings talk out loud...we are a world of conversationalists. But can talking be fatal to our health? Yes, it can...

It's All About the Words

The words that we speak are very powerful. As I've said before, thoughts leads to words leads to actions. James Allen wrote, As a Man Thinketh. Simple everyday expressions:
I'm gonna call out sick from work today; I don't feel like working.
I never get a break -- life doesn't smile on me.
Rich people are evil...they don't give a care about us little people.
Do any of the above expressions sound familiar? Even I have uttered one or more of these expressions from time to time. Because I (now) recognize the power of words, I'm very careful of my utterances.


An affirmation is a purposeful and vocal expression of an intention...spoken within the present tense. In the most literal sense, an affirmation means to affirm -- being firm. Some laugh at affirmations as a comical waste of time and energy. Others (mistakenly) see affirmations as machinations of magic, the supernatural, or even an act of blasphemous evil or dark powers. I disagree with this assessment.

For me, affirmations are acts of repetition. An exercise of personal mental trickery. Yes, I trick my brain. By speaking a positive phrase over and over, my brain -- rather, my subconscious mind -- begins to react biochemically. Neurons and neurotransmitters are secreted by our brains in response to mental stimuli that originates within our subconsciousness.

The reverse of an affirmation is a put-down. Many adults battle unconscious obstacles to success due to the messages that they received during their childhood. Parents, teachers, and/or authority figures have spoken mentally-crippling words to impressionable youth. You're never gonna be successful...I wish I never gave birth to you. Recall the article title, The Real Reason Why Speaking could be Killing You!

Join with me, now, to be aware of our words. What do I say to others? More importantly, what are the words that I repeat to myself? Thus, choose wise...choose life...choose power. Speak Greatly Always!