Saturday, May 5, 2012

Git N My Cinco de Mayo On

What are y'all doin for Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)? Working on your resume? Let me tell you what I'm doin...

I've come to realize that ALL work and No play makes for a dull and tired human being. We can chop down the tree back swinging and swing the axe, but if it ain't sharpened, we are swing in vain. The tree ain't gonna fall down [TTTTIIiiiimmmmmmberrrr....]

Taking a step back, I packed up the car, hooked up the wife, and headed down to New Orleans Louisiana. Lots to do, see, and take in. Mainly, just getting away.

What will you do this weekend to getaway from the stress, hustle & bustle of life's demands? [Send me a comment...]

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Trevon Martin's Murder is Personal

The Florida shooting of Trevon Martin, by the hand of George Zimmerman, is a National Tragedy.

Not only do we have a young (unarmed) man killed in a flask of a moment, we also have a cold reality that racial justice and equality in America is an unrealized dream.

This is a polarizing and defining moment in which all races of American citizenship should self-examine what's really going on here. Bottomline: 'It's [almost] OK to kill black youth in Florida if they wear a hoodie.' 

Listen to this episode while I talk about how Trevon Martin's murder affects me personally.