Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Trevon Martin's Murder is Personal

The Florida shooting of Trevon Martin, by the hand of George Zimmerman, is a National Tragedy.

Not only do we have a young (unarmed) man killed in a flask of a moment, we also have a cold reality that racial justice and equality in America is an unrealized dream.

This is a polarizing and defining moment in which all races of American citizenship should self-examine what's really going on here. Bottomline: 'It's [almost] OK to kill black youth in Florida if they wear a hoodie.' 

Listen to this episode while I talk about how Trevon Martin's murder affects me personally.


Ken said...

You need to do some looking into this story before going off.
I thought, from what the media had been reporting, the same as everyone else when story broke. Zimmerman was a racist who killed a small, innocent and unarmed black child because of race. Everything from media pointed to that.
After looking at evidence media did not show or report at the start of the ordeal it is not so clear cut. I think it was self-defense and the black community and media are just using it, the death, for sympathy factor now.
I am racist by no means. I have had many black friends and girlfriends but I get tired of everything bad happening to them be because of race.

EncouragementGuy! said...

Ken -- I appreciate your feedback. If nothing else, at least You & I have begun a dialogue (which is what we need on a NATIONAL level). If I am missing some critical information, then I will offer apologies. But i can't get me head around Self-Defense, out in the public, and Mister Zee uses his handgun for protection. What...No Prosecution or at least an arrest? And we wonder why People of Color harbor incensed inner rage with regard to these matters. -I Appreciate your feedback. ~Andre

Anonymous said...

I am sooo sick and tired of this crap! The world is not against blacks they are against trash. Not everything is racial...unless YOU want it to be!

Dee said...

I'm not black, but let that be your white child that was followed, harrassed and then shot, and tell me if it's ok for the black man who killed your child to call it "self defense". Wouldn't you want the shooter arrested until the full story was discovered.

Anonymous said...

kill them all let god sort them out