Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day

What does it mean to celebrate Memorial Day? We celebrate Memorial Day in America at this the end of May...annually at this time of year. Memorial Day has a dual meaning. We remember our deceased loved ones; we also remember our War Dead.

For a moment, let's focus upon the ultimate sacrifice as rendered by our Veterans that gave all in the pursuit of freedom. Many served as as a result of a National Call to Serve...the Draft. Some volunteered.

Many of our War Dead are interned in National Cemetaries. Arlington and Margraaten are two to name a few. During this time of relative peace and prosperity, it's hard to imagine the horrors of war--much less the answering of a call-to-serve.

A few years ago, I got a small taste of the experience of the solemness of honoring U.S. Military hereoes that died in battle. The U.S. Army produced a traveling exhibit dedicated to Arlington National Cemetary. I captured the exhibit via Video camera and posted it to YouTube.

Please take a few moments to view this powerful video. Click or paste the following link into your browser for reflection--->

To our War Veterans: Thank You for Your Ultimate Sacrifice!

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