Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doctor visits, High blood pressure, and the Male ego

Men are Big Babies. They are really afraid to go to the doctor; for any reason whatsoever. Last week I made a routine visit to my dentist other than a possible loose tooth cleaning a failing or a recommendation I had no worries whatsoever. Little did I know, I had a lot to be concerned with.

The Silent Killer

High blood pressure, a.k.a. hypertension, is one of the leading killers of men ages 40 to 75 in the United States of America second only to heart disease, hypertension, is a recognized and daily silent killer of men of course we all have access to different types of blood pressure monitor devices. Just pop into your local Wal-Mart and head over to the pharmacy they have a blood pressure machine. There where you simply just insert your left arm push of button and relax and the machine does the rest.

You feel the sleeve, tightening around your arm. It stars a feel a little bit abnomal and tight, and then all of a sudden you feel and listening and listening and listening. And before you know it you numbers appear on the screen okay, now what?

The numbers are what you have to really be concerned with, but it only makes sense if you know how to interpret, analyze and take action from the numbers that you receive.  The top number is indicates a systolic pressure point; the bottom number indicates a diastolic pressure. Taken together, these two numbers give you a snapshot of the amount of pressure that your arteries and veins have to withstand as your blood moves to and from the heart unto the other parts of the body.

The top number if it gets into the area of 150 and higher becomes a major concern. The bottom number, the diastolic pressure point, does not become dangerous until it gets near 85 and higher. Although your numbers, or in my case, my numbers, may not exceed the numbers stated, your of my condition may become what’s called pre-hypertensive.  My numbers were dangerously high. 145/88!

Men are Big Babies

Men have fragile egos. As such, we don’t like to express our fear of the unknown rather than admit that we are afraid of doctors, we hide behind our large ego, our maleness, and frankly our braggadocio. Yet by avoiding did a doctor visit, we do not receive the necessary information that may or may not prolong or even save our lives.

We live in the information age, as such, it’s widely accepted that information is power. Whether we act upon that information or not is up to us. I can think of no more important piece of information than to know the status of my health. After all, I’m not Superman and I don’t have on a bullet proof vest.

Well if you smell a little fear coming to my voice right now, you’re absolutely correct. I was scared yet. I was very grateful to have that important information about my blood pressure. I knew did that if I kept going down the course I was walking down, eventually I would have to take medication. Just ask any man, what happens to his man once he begins to take high blood pressure medication specifically, what are the side effects?

Rather than wondering if I would ever have to take medication. I decided to take matters in my own hands. No more making excuses for not exercising. No more having one too many beers on the weekend rather than increasing the intake of water. No more functioning on four to five hours of sleep. Six days a week. What I needed was a good night’s rest. Each and every night so that I could be at my best each day and lastly, as much as I dearly, dearly love it, I knew that I would have to let go of my secret passion.  When I say secret, I mean really, really secret (CIGARS )=;

So being the Crusader that I am (that being the EncouragementGuy), I knew that I needed to sound out the alarm and call to action for males everywhere. Moreover, men of color, particularly African American man, are especially at risk for the development and for complications related to hypertension. One small detail that is often overlooked is that hypertension can often lead to kidney disease. And for men with hypertensive issue, an additional medical diagnosis of diabetes is a one-two deadly combination knockout punch.

Along with my self assessment, going to Wal-Mart in use in the health machine, I was also able to check my weight as well. Although I don’t appear to be obese, the scales don’t lie. There I am with high blood when a high blood pressure reading – come to learn, but I also am slightly overweight. Men… The time for action is now. Carpe Diem!

So please, leave me a comment. Tell me your thoughts about this blog post. Tell us all about how you’re taking charge of your health and your life so you can have many, many more years on earth to enjoy both your family and the fruits of your labor. Or better yet, send me an e-mail to Andre@Encouraging– Selfishly speaking, I need you guys to be in great health and live longer, longer lives. It just makes sense because after all, who’s going to read my weekly blog. Take care of your health and go and see your doctor for regular checkups.

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