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Seven No-Bull Ways to Make some Cash as an Amateur Writer

Yes you can start a business for under $100 as a writer. Basically there are seven no-bull ways to make some cash as an amateur writer. The seven ways are as follows:

Number one: paid online surveys
Number two: paid article reviewer
Number three: paid magazine writer
Number four: published book author
Number five: Internet researcher
Number six: blogger
And finally number seven: publishing a niche website

Let’s start with the first one--the paid online surveys. There are a lot of paid online survey services on the Internet. Many of them are total rip-offs.  I’ve done lots of research with the different paid online survey companies on the Internet. I did find one that may help us to generate some real dollars. On my website, in the third column, there is a hyperlink text that says make money doing surveys. I’ve tried the service myself, and I do find that it does bring in dollars.

While is may sound easy, surveys are hard work. The first thing that you have to understand is that you cannot become rich by doing surveys. Surveys run the gamut of paying between five dollars and $25 per survey. Of course a $25 survey is going to require more work than that of the five dollars survey.

The main thing that you need to think about is that you never want to become involved with their survey company that requires you to first pay them money. Should you run across such a service, then run for the hills; run as fast as you can to get away from them. So if you’re looking for place to start your writing career, I recommend surveys.

Along the same lines as surveys, there is a need for paid article reviewers. The way it works is there is an article this published on the Internet the magazine, and there are companies that will pay you to review to magazine reviewed the article and write a review that’s more times than not complimentary. Article reviews are a lot of work, yet they’re very rewarding.

And again was as with surveys, you’re not going to become rich by becoming a paid article reviewer. Again for more information on this simply go to my website, Go to the left navigation bar, locate the radio button that says classifieds, click the link and go to the page. There you find a banner that says associated content. Associated Content is a Yahoo company and they do pay ordinary people to review articles and to contribute content and it’s very rewarding and it does pay and is very and he can be a lot of work.

The 3-No-Bull Way to make money as a writer is become a paid magazine writer. Now this is a tougher road to go down yet once you get to the point where magazines are paying you, then you’ve arrived. Do you picture yourself writing a magazine article for Readers Digest, Glamour Magazine, or how about this one…Rolling Stone Magazine. Awesome!

Now, to become a paid magazine writer is no easy task. Think about it this way--let’s say that it takes 1000 article submissions before you receive one paid magazine writing gig. You can believe that that 1000th article is going to be a probably a pretty good one. The other 99 articles simply got you to the point where you started to get really good. Think about it this way…if you’re digging for gold, you have to move a lot of dirt.

One of my favorites is (4-No-Bull Way) to make some cash as an amateur writer is to publish a book or writing one. Yes we are talking about publishing your own book. It is often said that there is a book within all of us. And I believe that that is true.

In today’s world, there's more than just printed books. For example, there are e-books that are designed to run and to be read on the Amazon Kindle. Not only is the Kindle popular, but the Apple iPad is also a very popular digital device to read books with. As for me I prefer audio books. And that’s why one of my favorite mediums is the podcast.

Notably, the publishing world is a Beast. Period! Most of what I’ve learned, I’ve learned through my childhood friend, and master poet, Nathan Richardson. Nathan Richardson is the Publisher of SC publishing. His website is Nathan is a mentor for young students, young being ages 5 to 95. He understands what it is to work a full-time job and write poetry and short stories after work. His advice to all of you all is to simply find a topic that you’re passionate about parentheses short stories, poor tree, how to, fiction and nonfiction. And just start writing.

The easy part is having a book published; the real hard part is the part where you have to get out and see people and market your book. You could spend a lot of time and energy doing this, but I can’t think of a better way than word-of-mouth and self-marketing a.k.a. self-promotion.

If you visit my website,, and if you go to the left navigation bar and find the radio button that says work-at-home (5-No-Bull Way). As you scroll down, you’ll find some information contained in hyperlinked text that goes to a site called AWAI which stands for American Writers and Artists Incorporated. 

AWAI is a company that fosters copywriting where professionals write for magazines and books and other publications. One of the parts about the copywriting business or the direct marketing business is that it requires a lot of research. The Internet is the best place to get research these days; yet professional writers dread the task. That’s why they like to hire people like you and I to work at home and do the research for them…and they pay us very handsomely. Can you see yourself went anywhere between $500 $1,000 in your hand? Well that’s true now you were not getting get that type of money first out of off the first at bat first time at bat but as you move forward you get better and better and better and you will find yourself in very high demand.

The 6-No-Bull Way to make money as an amateur writer is to start a blog. This website,, is hosted on BLOGGER. Blogger is not the only service that you can use to establish a blog. Another service that you may have heard of is a site call Word Press. I prefer BLOGGER because it’s easy is very convenient and it’s free. Blogger will allow me to as some Google ads to my blog site as well as our advertisements and that keeps us site engaging entertaining and totally free photo viewer. Blogging is very demanding and you have to blog almost every day or every other day. I prefer to blog once a week because once I set my schedule…and I stick to it. I never stop.

Go and make a promise to yourself and to the world -- that you will blog on a regular basis every day or every other day…every week, every month and keep it going for at least six months. What will happen is you’ll see other new blogs start out but will blog-fade after 3 to 6 months. This is because the passion wanes as well as not seeing any money coming.

One of the most famous bloggers in the Internet world is Steve Pavlina. Steve publishes his blog generally about once a week or so, and his blog is not your typical to a 300-word blocks. Oh no, when Steve writes a blog, Steve writes a BLOG. Folks, I’m talking anywhere between 2500 to 10,000 words per blog. Is that huge or what?

And last but not least, we are at number seven in the no bull way to make some cash as an amateur writer. And that is by establishing and publishing a niche website. As I said mentioned before with my website,, this is a niche authority website that focuses upon helping people to make a free printable resume. Most of the persons that come to my website on a daily basis, are usually job searching and a need to make a resume quick and fast and free. These are the type of people that my website attracts and I never ever pay for advertising.

My website started 2008, and I didn’t see any money come in until 2010. But I didn’t give up. Now, you don’t have to start a resume website. Whatever your passion or your hobby is (even though their other books and other websites that are out there on the Internet), no one can tell your story, about that subject like you can. You bring your own unique voice to the table. If you go back to my website,, and go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a green banner. Just click on it -- it takes you to my hosting company which is Site Build It (we call it SBI). SPI is a bit Internet business in a box.

Anyone can go to GoDaddy or other domain-brokers out there to register a domain and get a template site. But what good is a beautiful site if…It’s the same as if there’s a glass of water out in the desert and no one is there to drink it. You need traffic; and to make traffic, I give my blue ribbon recommendation to SBI. Again, to learn more about niche websites, go to my website or visit Facebook… Keyword: eResumes4Vips; or on Twitter. You can also go to my YouTube channel under eResumes4Vips.

So there you have it…7-No-Bull Ways to make some cash as an amateur writer. Don’t let anybody fool ya; this is Hard Work. But you can do it!
And not only do I expect to see your book on the bestseller list, or your website on the Alexa top 100,000, but I expect to see you -- and I do mean YOU…At the Top! Listen to this episode or Download this episode (right click and save)

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