Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bah Hum -- I Got Frostbite via an Amazon Vendor

Bah Hum -- I Got Frostbite via an Amazon Vendor: Searching Amazon for a new remote for my Sears garage door opener, I found this product to be exactly what I wanted. Features: Sears-Craftsman, Attractive-styling, and best of all, a Fantastic price. And it was from Amazon...oh so i thought )=;

ASPDOORS is an Amazon-approved Vendor; customers rating -- pretty good. The remote did not work; it wasn't compatible. imagine my surprise when I could not call telephone number or company address. Desperate, I found that the only way to contact 'Nancy' was via Amazon-email.

The 5 day backnforth went something like this: --- Original message --- "I'm really not sure why you don't think its your fault if you read the listing its says it replaces the 61lm (which is 390mhz yours is 315mhz)and that it will not work on newer openers with smart buttons which yours is it does say it compatible with Sears but all liftmaster listings says that..."

I'm not a garage door Inspector Gadget. My solution was to have another remote exchange via weblink; was willing to pay an extra $15. The response was: "'As far as calling I'm a internet business and it is a part time business so I also have another job so I'm not home most of the time for someone to call I can do emails from my other job not phone calls but this also keeps costs down for the customers', thanks Nancy."

I can live with a technical failure. But I hate being duped into thinking that I'm working with a company...instead, it was a transaction with a part-time internet-middleperson without adequate sales support or at least a mobile smartphone. -Shame on Amazon for approving this wannabee 'Company' as an authorized reseller. ~AVM