Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Cocktail -- just add a dash of politics

All I want for Christmas is a warm cocktail mix of politics. Nope, this blog hasn't's still about ENCOURAGEMENT! But...

Herman Cain Started It...

Last week's post was about former presidential hopeful, Herman Cain (aka something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody). The barrage of campaigning for the January 2012 Republican Caucus @ Des Moines Iowa is like watching a 'Gone with the Wind' Saturday Matinee movie.

[Mass Gov] Mitt Romney didn't help matters much when he lobbed a $10,000 gentleman's bet against my beloved [state of] Texas Governor Rick Perry. What was Mitt thinking...Really Mitt...really?

President Barack Obama is of course, continuing to govern the country; watching the [Republican party] movie from afar (as are the Democrat - s). Not to be outdone, in struts Newt (Nuk'em) Gingrich -- former Speaker of the House.  The Huffington Post said it best...just watch-->