Friday, October 21, 2011

The Benefits of Missing Deadlines

Once again, I've missed my self-imposed deadline. What deadline would that be? It's the one in which I've pledged to update my blog Wednesday weekly. Missed it…oh well. However, there is a hidden benefit here; and that is…

Deadlines Are For Losers!

We all exist under a deadline(s). At work; Deadlines. At Play; Deadlines. In Love;…(well, you get the picture). Most importantly, whether the deadline is either met or is missed, the unending feelings or connotations of Never Enough is ever present.

Great...met the deadline for publishing my (next week's) Wednesday-weekly-morning blog post; what about next week? Didn't meet my goals; might lose my job or fall off the GOOGLE blog-ranking...etc., etc.

Ya See, the road to nowhere (or somewhere) is endless. Hence, The Secret to Gaining Benefits from Missing Deadlines is this...
Don't Feed The Monkey!