Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Drop The Soap

You've heard the phrase, don't drop the soap. It's usually related to showering behind prison walls. But it also relates to life behind the walls of work and career life...aka, the Professional world.

I Almost Dropped the Soap
Regular followers of Encouraging-People know that I began a new career a few months ago. Being excited  and in love with my new career life path,  I saw work through rosy-colored glasses. In careers and with love & marriage, the honeymoon of my new job has halted. The hard work of career-marriage has begun,

To be successful, the agency assigned a mentor for my professional development. But alas, things are not always as they seem.  After I almost dropped the soap, the wolf-in-sheep's clothing almost ravished me from the rear.

Being naive, I skipped along the path to passionate-production. Little did I know; the system is not designed to succeed or fail. It is designed for uniformity and conformity. All systems are the are machines -- Organizational Machinations!

I Can See Clearly Now
A wise philosopher once said: to win the baseball game, one must know the rules of the game.  Businessman and entrepreneur, Charles Givens added: when one doesn't want to play by the rules, one must get one's own team...and make up new rules for others to follow.  Sage advice, don't ya think?

I anticipate a long, 10-20 year career inside the agency. It's OK; I'll survive and thrive. It's easy; why? Because, alas, I know the rules of the game and how to play.  Teaching Point: Don't Drop the Soap!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preparing for a Monday Workday

Its a Monday...almost. Writing this post on a Sunday night. Got my checklist completed.
  • Coffee ready for morning? check
  • Lunch made? check
  • Clothes laid out? check
  • Go to Bed? not...
Monday is the Most Important day of the week

Too often, we start our work week with a drag. It's not until midweek, that we begin to crank-it-up. Not fair. Not to the employer, co-workers, or You.

I need to go to bed; have an O-dark 4 wake up. So my bottom line is this: Begin your Monday as if your life depends on it. really does!