Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama Jobs Speech Channels JFK

Obama's Jobs Speech

Earlier this week, I wrote a prelude to the President's upcoming Back-to-Work-America speech to the Congress (Thursday, Sept 8th -2011).  Mr Obama, as I heard second-hand on NPR radio, was drawing upon the 3-F fundamentals of public speaking. The 3-F's are:

  1. Fanfare
  2. Fundaments
  3. Forthwith-Forcefulness
What did the President Actually Say?

Obama spoke directly into the eyes, minds, and (tin can) hearts of the Country's Legislatures. Being "allowed" to enter into the Lion's Den, B.O. told the Congress, in no uncertain terms, that the in-fighting must stop--NOW! Too many Americans, for too long, have been and continue to be out-of-work.

Channeling JFK, Mr Obama quoted Kennedy as saying:
Mankind created the problems we face; Mankind can create solutions for any problems we may have. Moving back into his own skin, Obama told Congress to pass his jobs bill Now!

A short excerpt of Obama's job speech, is inserted below (full video hyperlinked above).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

America Goes to Work again...

President Obama is all set to unveil his job growth, get-back-to-work plan for America via Thursday evening TV.  He wanted Wednesday night, but the GOP said no. Just as well; Wednesday is Church night!

The main question isn't will he get folks back to work; but, CAN he get folks back to work. Millions of jobs were decimated during the 2007-2009 economic meltdown. Will these same said jobs come back? That is the $64,000 question.

Writing about Jobs!

I publish a resume-writing website. I blog right here to encourage the chronically unemployed to keep the faith and remain positive. I've even written about my own personal battle with unemployment and return to a life on purpose

The reality is that Jobs are the key to happiness and prosperity. I know, you say religious, love, family, and friendships are the keys to the happiness fault. NEWSFLASH: No job; no joy/peace/love...happiness.  Also, religion become dead and meaningless when you've been unemployed a fur piece--dry spell.

Here coming the Lone Ranger...

The general hope is that Obama has some magic bullet or blue pill. He doesn't...but neither does Mitt, Rick, Michelle, Ron, or Sarah. We are in a real pickle. Sacred cows; welfare, SS, government pensions --entitlements.

The most unpopular thing is that while many are prosperous and go-to-go, an unspeakable portion of persons are not.  The thinking is the old bootstrap mentality. "let 'em go to work!" Gladly...if there are opportunities for work (aka jobs).

Catch the President's speech Thursday night. Leave a comment on this b;log of your thoughts.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't Hate da Playa

"Don't hate da Playa, hate da Game," a work colleague recently said to me. Some of y'all may remember my writing about my new career. What do I do? Imma US government bureaucrat.  A very honorable and altruistic calling; yet there is the system as well as the gaming thereof.  As long as there is a system (or game), there will be a select few that will engage the process via beatin-da-game.

Labor Day 2011

Today is the annual USA Labor day. Federal, State, and (some) private businesses reward their labor force via a paid day off (paid is italicised for effect).  Unless you've been under a rock, the global economy has seen a rough patch dating back to the year 2006/2007.  Economists say that we had a full-blown recession; it officially ended in 2009. Wait a minute, is that entirely accurate?

The country lost several million jobs. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist or a Harvard-educated economist to know that many of these gigs won't least not in its former state or configuration. Many underemployed workers. Sure, many gamed the system--collecting UE instead of actively seeking and/or accepting work. Yet many simply could not find anything; why, because there was nothing there to seek.

The Present Mood

I was reading that Conservative politicians are calling for an end to extended UE benefits.  The mood is to boot the freeloaders off the dole and get back to work.  We want a balanced budget, lower corporate & personal income tax, easier access to credit, extended UE benefits, subsidized health care w/o socialist overtones, and...oh yeah--Free Education.  Seems like we want the farm without the associated early morning farm chores.

I was unemployed this year x7weeks; I did not receive UE. I was fortunate...BLESSED! I secured a great position working as a Bureaucrat---I Love It! However, my situation was atypical. I have a graduate degree, am a Honorably-discharged Veteran, and lived in a geographic location conducive to an increased military-industrial hiring need. Call it Luck, Divine providence, or simply Synchronicity; I call it love. I'm grateful and fortunate.

So here is this blogger's final thoughts on the subject--for this labor day. To the US Taxpayers, Conservative Politicos, and the Employed: Don't hate da Playa; Hate da Game!