Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mourning the Death of My Carpool

My Carpool Died! Waahhhh... I was saving time and money. Who cares that I had to eat crow on many occasions followed by slices of humble pie. I still in amazement as to how it all happened.

The Power of Cliches

Of my 4 person carpool group, the other 3 riders had formed a cliche. You've all heard of the hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men? This was Three's Company 2.0; two guys plus a female. I was a fourth wheel. Funny, I always thought it was a fifth wheel...oh well.

The underhanded excuse was:
we want to go to a 5 person ride-share
You've got to be kidding; 4 real? I'm already biting my bloody tongue with 3 + me -- you want to add another body. No, I'm out.
Well, now I'm driving solo. At least now, I get to listen to my Positive Encouraging-People audio CDs; plus I get some me time during my 60 mile commute. Stay tuned for more musing as I settle into this (new)!. Cheers