Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Five Life Lessons I Learned at a Kirk Franklin Concert

I went to a Kirk Franklin concert as part of a July 4th 'Gospel Explosion.' Kirk's newest single, I Smile brought such inspiration to me during my brief yet enduring unemployment period, that I simply had to hear and see the MAN himself.

Hence, the title of this blog post is, Five Life Lessons I Learned at a Kirk Franklin Concert.

Kirk Franklin is a Dynamo...a proverbial EverReady bunny on steroids. Conducting, dancing, motivating, and truly encouraging-people and providing encouragement to his audience. But this isn't a concert review, it's a short list (five) of my life-learning takeaway.

Number One

Kirk is Not a do I know? Simple -- HE said so. "Folks, I'm Not a Singer!" That's why he had a powerful sextet of female and male songsters on the stage background. The takeaway: Don't try be something I Ain't.

Number Two

Kirk is an Amazing Dancer. He delighted the crowd with demonstrations of various dance genres from the 50's to the present. Since he is a talented dancer, naturally, he danced! The takeaway: Discover your strength, and perfect it...

Number Three

Kirk wasn't afraid to highlight others. Although he was the STAR or Headliner, kirk shared the spotlight. Giving homage to 2nd Act, Pastor John P. Kee (The Legacy Project) as well as performing a popular number from opening act, Rance Allen Group performing their 80's hit something 'bout that name Jesus from  the Live Experience CD, Kirk shared the spotlight with others. The takeaway: Know Yourself and don't be afraid to uplift others.

Number Four

Act as if...with 3,000 persons in attendance, Kirk performed as if he were in London's Royal Albert Hall. I even suspect that were I the only concertgoer to show up that night, Kirk Franklin would have continue to give 1,000%. The takeaway: Always give your personal best...regardless of where I am or whois watching.

Number Five

Kirk spoke of his personal ordeal with high school bullying early on in his life. A dynamo of a man, 5'6", 140 lbs soaking wet, Kirk expressed the physical challenges he's faced as a result of his stature. To top it off, he was a self-professed Jesus-Freak!

His transparency was genuine and humbling. After all, who hasn't faced a LIFE challenge or and there. The redeeming moment for Kirk came when his music crossed genre from gospel into the Pop Top 40. Where are all those 'Haters' now?

The takeaway: It's Not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the Fight in the Dog. Kirk's newest single, I Smile proves just that.