Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Do I Get 2 NoWhere ???

While sitting through a rather boring lecture, I heard my presenter make an attention-getting statement. he said, "If Ya can't say where someone was, Ya can't say where someone wasn't!"

Hmmm... Never heard that one before; decided that I wanted to BLOG about it. First, the literal meaning (as meant by the speaker).

My group was applying decisioning skillsets toward the placement of personnel (yawn-yawn-boring...).

"You can't state emphatically that Mister So-and-So wasn't in Dallas Texas -- when you don't know Where He Was."

Where Am I Going?

Ok, going back to my original premise or question (if ya can't say...), then lets relate this idea to our own personal life's journey. If I'm not on the Path to Success in life, then where am I -- where am I headed?

Assuming that I'm off the beaten path to success, then that could infer that I'm on the road to Un-Success (ful). True or false? FALSE! Because too many times, we assume that we aren't in alignment with our goals, purposes, paths, tracks, and/or intentions. I call this, 'false assumptions.'

On the flip side, thinking that you or I are headed up the path to success (note how success is up; unsuccess is down), could also infer a false assumption as well. Here's an old adage: if ya don;t know where you're going, then any road will get ya there. Another pithy saying goes like this: There's no greater crime, than wasting your time, on a ship going nowhere. Cliches, yes; but some of life's best wisdom comes to us via folksy-wisdom mediums.

Follow the Headlights

Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine, once said that to travel from New York to California (via automobile), requires some planning and skill -- especially if driving by dark of night. Sure, we now have GPS as well as road maps, but what about the limited visibility caused by the darkness?

Hardy relates that when driving at night, he activates his vehicle's halogen headlights. In spite of the highway's headlight illumination, the driver can only see 200 yards ahead. No matter, because the driver (instinctively) knows that she will reach her final destination (California)...yard by yard -- mile by mile.

As with all things, the visible (tangible five senses) is formed from the formless. Another way of saying this is what is visible originates from the invisible. All things, especially great ideas, begin within the realm of the invisible.

Going back to our original theme, "if ya can't say where someone was, ya can't say where someone wasn't." No one cannot state that another (human) cannot achieve greatness. Why, because we have yet to go to that destination (greatness).

For all we know, that other person is already GPS tracked to arrive at Destination: Success -- far ahead of the rest of us.