Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its Possible!

I've been away... No, not in jail/hospital/insane asylum/etc. Just away from this Blog. Why?

My travels have been a familiar one for many of you. Job and Career Change -- not a search, but a radical vocational (work) change. While really loving my work once-upon-a-time, that old saying [its a thin line between love & hate] came to manifest. I begin to literally loathe my work It was time for a change.

Having said that, I felt scared, unsteady, and vulnerable. Although I had a crystal clear vision/plan/resume, I had to grapple with the fact that I was part of the Over 50 Club. One career manual that I read clearly stated that this type of career makeover is virtually IMPOSSIBLE!

It wasn't until I returned to the basics. Although I already knew it (I publish a resume website), I signed up for basic resume writing workshops. A prerequisite to receiving the 4-hour training, participants were mandated to view a video of motivational speaker, Les Brown. Mr. Brown spoke non-stop...of his challenges, difficulties, and hard-won triumphs. The theme: It's Possible!

What the tape did for me was to re energize my spirits. As I had known, I was repelling prospective employers by thinking negatively. As I forced myself to think positively, my inner self (emotions) reflected positive energy. Almost as if the brain was tricking the heart...

Fast-forward, I'm now gainfully employed. I'm really enjoying my work; while painful, the sacrifice was worth it. If you are struggling or enduring a painful self-transformation, please take note of this fantastic truth...
It's Possible!