Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't!

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't! This is a followup to my posting on Monday --Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

I'm whatya may call a Job Search Junkie. This 'dysfunction' goes back to me Army days; a kinda separation paranoia...what do I do when I get out of the military?

Fast-forward 15 years later, I continue to remain fascinated with career issues and employment trends. Guess that's why I founded back in 2008. No one wanted to pay for my grass-roots, street-smarts expertise; thus, I decided to give it away for free...

As much as I'm having, the reality is that I'm JOBLESS! I don't have to tell y'all -- That Be No Fun!!!

The Pursuit of Happyness

A few months ago -B.U. (before unemployment), I wrote about pursuing excellence. Maybe that inadvertly contributed to my present dilemna. What I mean is that the old job was fulfilling me; I needed to bounce in order to truly pursue excellence. Anyone out there ever had a similar career revelation?

I knew five years ago that it was time to leave. Why didn't I walk away then? My EXCUSES are/were bills, mortgage, family, economic name it. Bottomline: it came down to one Four-letter word --FEAR.

Jumping the Broom

There's an old tradition that dates back to Plantation Slavery days within the African-American community. When two young people decide to marry, their families put together a big whoop-tee-due ---> a Jumping the Broom ceremony.

We're not going to dedicate prime real estate blog space here to explain the intricacies of broom-jumping. But my point is that I never jumped the broom...but Now I Have! Broke--yes; exhausted--yes; a little scared--sure.

Feels like Heaven on Earth

It's only been 4 weeks since... And I feel Powerfully Amazing! Religion has played a big part in my continued mental well-being. Take that back; Spirituality has played an evn Bigger part. Now don't be misled. Calmness, Peace, Joy, and Contentment -- as applied to unemployment and job searching -- doesn't translate into Inaction.

No we don't sit around sleeping, drinking, and excessive YouTube watching We get going; Telephoning, emailing, faxing, and hopefully interviewing. The point is:

Job Hunters--Remember Our Mantra
No Grass Grows Under Our Feet!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Don't Cry for Me Argentina, goes the song. Madonna sang this theme song from a depiction of Eva Peron of Argentina. Mrs Peron was a Political Strong (Wo)Man, of course. Therein lies my story...

I'm jobless...going on week 4. Am I worried? No. Fretful and overly-emotional? No. Concerned? Yes!

Some of my former colleagues have called offering genuine sentiments of grief-like condolences. I appreciate it; after all, who doesn't need encouragement?

The American Dream

For many, the dream is to have a job, financial stability, house, car, and a few creature comforts. Those things are all important, but now the very top of list for me. My Top A-Lister? Meaning and Purpose.

The motivation to seek career fulfillment lies within providing a living for myself and family. Hey, I'm human just like the next Joe. But at age 51, I've discovered that life is more than food. Referencing the Bible's book of Matthew: 
 "Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?"
Motivation, Life, and Disbelief

I consider myself to be self-actualized. Still, my chronological age reminds me of the vanity of it all (not to mention other close family members). We worship youth within Western culture. Disagree? Take a peek at the magazine covers at the supermarket checkout line.

Nevertheless, I subscribe to the school of you're only as old as you feel. Well folks, I feel like 25 years young. Hopefully potential employers will also see me as such.

As I continue to walk along this path, I'll post another blog (job search) update on Wednesday. Until then, wish me...