Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its All in the Headline, Stupid!

Its All in the Headline, Stupid! writes Darren of It got me to thinking about...

The Science of Headlining

Grab Attention, is what my teachers taught me back in the day.
You've Got to Grab the Bull by the Horns!
I didn't understand that -- that is, until now. Other people are busy; overwhelmed with this and that and this and...To connect, I've got to grab the bull by...

Headlines, and People, and Resumes

I write resumes. I have a resume website for job seekers that want to change their lives.For the life of me, I couldn't figure out the stumbling blocks faced by job seekers and their ineffective resumes. Moreover, I couldn't figure out as to why my website wasn't attracting site visitors. After all, the content is FREE! Again, it was Darren's article that unlocked the vault for my understanding.

The Keys to Success is...

Within almost everything we do, a certain amount of kinetic energy must be thrust. Heave-Ho; back-n-forth; push/pull. Energy...Kinetic Energy.

We must exert some force or action in order to stimulate a reaction. My 8th grade Science Teacher, Mister Briscoe, referred to that as a Catalyst. A catalyst is responsible for causing either an action and/or a reaction or response. How many of you know of persons that are catalysts? Another name or label for this types of individuals are Lightning Rods!

Back to the Headline

Returning to the Bull-by-the-Horns lesson, we find that the main goal, in many cases, is to simply capture attention. Thus, The Headline.

Whenever we set out to accomplish something...job, wealth, better food, a new romantic interest, life excitement...we're seeking that which will help us to get what we want. To capture that --whatever THAT is -- Requires Attention. Hence, The Headline (yes, we're back to that).

Here's the Rest of the Story

Start with the END in mine. What is it that I Want? Next -- Craft a Compelling Headline (in thought, word, or deed). I want a new car.
Headline: Feeling Good Ain't about the Car...It's about Me!
Ok, ok...that was kinda week. I'm new at this; so are you. Together, we'll grow and get better with headlining. Being students of abundance, wealth, and prosperity, we share the same belief in the manifestation of desire via thoughts (at least, I think we do). That's why, we need to master the art of headlining.

Finally, let me leave you with this thought. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, created a powerfully manifesting thought-provoking Headline for their book business writing purpose. It was this:
We're going to CHANGE the World -- by Selling and Giving Away 1,000,000,000 {billion} books within the next 20 years.
They've failed miserably, so far. The total amount of published Chicken Soup books is only at One-Hundred-Million. The Secret -- It's the Headline!