Saturday, January 29, 2011

Its Possible If...

Anything is Possible. If you can buy into that, then you'll embrace, All Things are Possible!
Its no secret, that the latter (all things...) is a proverb found throughout the wisdom of the ages. In fact, the Apostolic letter to the Phillipians, contains a text that "All Things are Possible through Christ -- who strengthens me. Placing the biblical reference aside for a moment, let's dive into this pool of endless possibility.
The question begs of possibilities. The key, however, lies within the fabric of belief. Belief in the Possible...Belief in One's Self...Belief in the Impossibility of the Possible. Are you still with me -- Did I lose you? Hang on...
A moment ago, I was in an unusual FUNK. Very not me... Why, I'd lost sight of fact that I always think of the simple possibilities within my life. Before latching unto a negative thought, I go back to my affirmations, prayers, and mantras. "I Can Do All Things Thru...."
To move out of this abyss, I resigned to embrace it. A Opportunity, of sorts. What did I do???
I faked it. Co-Worker: "Andre, Howz it Going?" 'FABULOUS,' I replied with gusto. Another stated that she wasn't in the best of moods. My reply, Me Too...But together, we'll make it.
The message is clear. It's Possible to Rise above our moods and challenges -- IF...