Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Precision and Craftsmanship are Keys for Success

I'm making a new commitment -- a path to success. How will I get there? I'm making a commitment to Precision & Commitment.

First, lets define Precision. Precision is to follow the Jesus rule; the Carpenter's rule (Jesus, in addition to being God in man, he was also an accomplished carpenter). Never heard of the Carpenter Rule? Before cutting, measure twice--cut once.

Second, the definition of Craftsmanship. Being the very best, that I am, in the present moment. I will be better tomorrow, than I am today. I am better today, than I was yesterday.
Everyday, in every way. I am getting better and better!
When others see my work, I want them to marvel at my precision, excellence, and craftsmanship. What about you...what is your claim to fame? How will others judge your works?

My keys to success is precision and craftsmanship. Everyone will know that THIS (whatever this is) was the work of Andre Milteer --that my friends, is Signature-Quality. My precision and craftsman watermarks my work; it's my Signature.

~Signed, Andre Milteer
aka Precision & Craftsmanship

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