Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Upon a Student

At this point, every one of my classes comes to the fork in the road.  They enter, as are you all, The Road Less Traveled.

One particularly bright student; an Army Retiree with a thirst for learning, was struggling. His A++ GPA was taking a real nosedive. Just like the Pre-WWII Hindenberg. He asked...

I don't get it? I can't give you what you want. He asked, How Do I Figure you out, Mr Milteer?

Scratching my chin, scraping my heel, and looking up at the sky, I finally said to him. "STOP writing for me...write for the masses that are reading your literary work." Of course, he was more frustrated and confused than ever. Not one to give up, he...

Researched, researched, drafted, edited, and...after collapsing into total exhaustion, he submitted his 1500 word paper. The Grade: a 92 (A).

Becoming perplexed myself, I cornered the student. I had to know; so I asked, HOW! HOW! HOW! He replied...

"I didn't write for you; I wrote for me and the thousands of readers the world over that will eventually read my work. I decided to make my writing--Tell a Story!"

The moral of this story is this: Everyone Loves a Good Story -- make sure you tell Your Story! 

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