Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calculating the Value of Self

How valuable are you? What amount of value do I bring to the breakfast table via this Blog? Is a woman with 5 babies more valuable than a mother of (only) 2 children? I raise this question today because I...

I Fell in Love with a Car!!!

It was a hyundai sports coupe. SHE was slick and sleek; I wanted to caress her steering wheel and violently accelerate her chassis to an apex of thrill. Yep, I'm speaking of an automobile. Here is a perfect example of value. I assigned a value for this car; all I had to do was to tread down to the Dealer, and sell my soul for 84 months.

Quite often, we assign a valuable to ourselves and others based upon job salary and title. I'm the President, CEO, and chief window washer for this blog as well as my sister site, -Does that mean that I offer more value than a homeless hobo wino? Sure, my ego says yes...the Divine Universe hardily disagrees.

What About the Value of Charity?

I'm glad you asked that question. Charity is a result of one putting another first; it is more blessed to give than to receive.  In many ways, I tap into the energy of charity; in other ways, I don't. Charity for its own sake, is enough. Charity for the sake of raising one's stature, isn't charity. The word that comes to mind, in this case, is puffiness.

Education and technical expertise. You're better than what. Life isn't a contest; life is indeed a journey. Thus, I strive for the metaphysical essence of excellence and societal valor. Yet, it's kinda meaningless...isn't it.

The conclusion here, is to love yourself. Love Your Creator or Spiritual Guide.  Love your neighbor; and bring it full circle by loving yourself. Oh yeah, what about the car? I passed...why? I LOVED MYSELF to much to commit to an 84-month car loan payoff. Peace to You All...

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