Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steve Jobs Predicts Death of Suffolk News-Herald

Monday's Wall Street Journal's editorial page reported that Steve Jobs (2006) predicted the Death of the Suffolk News-Herald (newspaper) of Suffolk, VA. Not really, but he Did Predict...

Local Newspapers Will Be Gone in the Next 5 Years
Sorry, Mister Jobs. That Didn't Happen...Almost. This is 2011; five years hence the 2006 prediction. But again, was Steve dead wrong (pardon the pun)?

No doubt that Steve Jobs, of Apple, Inc -- iTunes -- iPod -- iPhone fame was truly a Great Visionary. NPR described him as the Man that gave us what we didn't need or want; yet of which, we can no longer do without.

Jobs, in the article, believed that people will, can, and shall get there news in a variety of ways -- whenever and wherever they want to. Case in point, my son, the Publisher of, NEVER picks up a newspaper; yet he is more aware and news-savvy at age 26 than his Master-degreed adjunct university faculty dad.  Not sure if he iPads; or simply subscribes to GOOGLE Alerts.

The Suffolk News-Herald
My hometown paper is holding her own. She maintains a World-Class local paper; serving the needs of the Commonwealth (as they call the Virginians). Local news, civic affairs, and advertising which serves businesses as well as pays the bills. The cool thing is that an Ex-Pat (moi) can keep up with hometown news via their 
website or their Waay Kool Facebook page. Best of all, they get it.

Just because Steve Job's predictions may/will/can come true about the Suffolk News-Herald (SNH) or the tens of thousands of other local & regional papers, editors and publishers aren't throwing in the towel. Why, because although amateurs like me et als throw out (or throw-up) news, we aren't as polished and field-tested as are the professional journalists of the traditional media.

Just like many career coaches and resume writers expand their offerings via Free Internet Content, The SNH has evolved into a web-savvy media portal.  Bravo Suffolk News-Herald...Bravo!

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