Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got Milk -- Got Jesus -- Got JURY Duty

My number came up; got popped for Federal Court jury duty @Waco Texas. Reported last Monday. I wasn't prepared for...


Don't get me wrong, the RCCC was 1/2 my age...she coulda been my daughter. And no; I don't swing like that. But she was cheery, inviting, smiling, and extremely helpful to ALL of the 32 juror prospects. Having worked there over 3 years, I wondered how she kept her job...being friendly & cheery & all.

All of us weren't going to serve. The U.S. Federal court system runs procedurally-counter to state and county courts. THEY DON'T WASTE A LOT OF TIME!


The Judge began a jury vetting process called the Voir Dire Examination.  Panel jury members (those of us who haven't been selected for Prime time) are questioned under oath.  The Accused was a business owner that had government procurement contracts in Iraq. After questioning for almost an hour, the Judge set us back to the Green room (I wish). We were attended to by U.S. Marshalls...almost all business; but not as Men In Black as Obama's SS (secret service).

I was astonished by the variety of occupations in the courtroom. Of course, we had a Federal Court Judge with a gazillion long legal resume; plus attorneys (aka doctors of Jurisprudence).  But we also had educators, business owners, web publishers (moi), computer chip account executives, retired veterinarians, and on and on and...


I was not called to be one of the 12 jurors. Was I disappointed? Does a fish drink water? Sure, I was. I wanted to be one of those Great Americans that decided the fate of the Accused.  To sit and listen tirelessly to endless legal babble, legal jockeying, and to be the darling of affection for both the prosecution as well as the defendant (taking about swinging both ways...).

Oh yeah, I wanted to be in that number. To represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel. sure i wanted to be a juror; but alas, i wasn't selected. BTW, do any of you want to buy some worthless swampland in the Florida Everglades? Since I'm selling myself on the emotional detriments to being excused from jury duty, thought I'd try to sell y'all some worthless parcel of nonsense. 

Free at last; oh wait, I have to check in every Friday through December 30th. Hope that RCCC doesn't read this blog; she may want to teach me some humility by whispering to the Judge of my {false} desire to be selected as one of the final 12. Perish the Thought!

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