Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama Jobs Speech Channels JFK

Obama's Jobs Speech

Earlier this week, I wrote a prelude to the President's upcoming Back-to-Work-America speech to the Congress (Thursday, Sept 8th -2011).  Mr Obama, as I heard second-hand on NPR radio, was drawing upon the 3-F fundamentals of public speaking. The 3-F's are:

  1. Fanfare
  2. Fundaments
  3. Forthwith-Forcefulness
What did the President Actually Say?

Obama spoke directly into the eyes, minds, and (tin can) hearts of the Country's Legislatures. Being "allowed" to enter into the Lion's Den, B.O. told the Congress, in no uncertain terms, that the in-fighting must stop--NOW! Too many Americans, for too long, have been and continue to be out-of-work.

Channeling JFK, Mr Obama quoted Kennedy as saying:
Mankind created the problems we face; Mankind can create solutions for any problems we may have. Moving back into his own skin, Obama told Congress to pass his jobs bill Now!

A short excerpt of Obama's job speech, is inserted below (full video hyperlinked above).

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