Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mourning the Death of My Carpool

My Carpool Died! Waahhhh... I was saving time and money. Who cares that I had to eat crow on many occasions followed by slices of humble pie. I still in amazement as to how it all happened.

The Power of Cliches

Of my 4 person carpool group, the other 3 riders had formed a cliche. You've all heard of the hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men? This was Three's Company 2.0; two guys plus a female. I was a fourth wheel. Funny, I always thought it was a fifth wheel...oh well.

The underhanded excuse was:
we want to go to a 5 person ride-share
You've got to be kidding; 4 real? I'm already biting my bloody tongue with 3 + me -- you want to add another body. No, I'm out.
Well, now I'm driving solo. At least now, I get to listen to my Positive Encouraging-People audio CDs; plus I get some me time during my 60 mile commute. Stay tuned for more musing as I settle into this (new)!. Cheers


A Raven said...

Eh, it's ok. As long as something good comes of it. The ride can be kinda long when you are riding with wolves... No more beating that dead horse or burying your head in the sand, you ostrich, now you can ride high on the hog. Is that enough run-on sentences and animal metaphors for ya??? You know you miss me when I don't write... :::HUG::: Monica

EncouragementGuy! said...

I NEEDED that, Monica. Gr8 words of Wisdom. <3 U...

EncouragementGuy! said...

Update: I start a Van pool...there's lots of interest. Looking back, maybe the death of my carpool was the best thing that ever happened,,,