Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Give Yourself Away

Last posting, y'all may remember my writing about the death of my (waah) carpool. Well now, I'm in the acceptance stage of grief. Still tender -- still sore -- but moving on.

This issue as with all issues in this chess game of life, I as do you, grow and learn from our personal experiences. We develop; hence the coined term, Personal Development.

What did I gain from the expereience (besides more solitude and a HEFTY fuel bill per solo driving)? I came to acknowledge that I was giving myself away.

2 Give away 2 much of oneself is to Give One's self away...

We're all givers, aren't we. At Christmas, we buy and give away, what? Presents...yes, of course. Our marriage and romantic love relationships, we give ourselves to the other. Giving is ingrained into us during the formative years, K-8. Give, give, give. Biblically, we are encouraged to give freely to our neighbor(s). On and on and on.

With reference to the aforementioned, can you all see how easily it becomes to give away almost to the point of self-neglect. In light of that, I've come half-circle on the subject.

One of my favorite alltime books is Giving is such a Selfish Thing to do. It was wriiten and self-published in 1993 by Peter Williams (RIP). Peter was a forward thinker. Departing from the book's central theme, I suggest that the book's followup title be:

Giving Yourself Away is a Stupid Thing to Do!

When we give away so much, our souls and spirit is depleted of spiritual nourishment. Somehow, doing the course of these human (inter)actions, we somehow feel more noble. Even God-like. That's a recipe for trouble...

I was so wanting my carpool arrangement to work, that I became GOD. Giving and giving and giving until I almost lost my humanity. Yet my former riders maintained their humanity by not giving a @!^&% about me. For that, I applaud them; I chastise myself for being Inhuman (e). They got it those individuals, I say Thank You, Sincerely!

Moving On...

Yes, I will reach out again; craving another group carpool activity. What will be different next time? Nothing! Simply, I will expect people to be as they are. And as for me, I will be myself. And what is that, you ask? That would be -- My name is Andre; my name is not M.L. King, nor Mother Teresa, nor Christ Jesus. I believe that would then make me a Human...yes?  

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