Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Carpooling Cheaper than Psychotherapy?

I commute 54 miles to work each and Without a Saudi Oil Sheik gasoline budget plus other discomforts, I formed a Carpool of myself and three others.

So far, 21 days into this, it's working out. Or so I thought...

Carpool ain't for the faint-hearted. Scheduling issues, interpersonal bonding, driver performance issues, and many other considerations can outweigh the benefits.

What is Carpooling?

Wikipedia defines carpooling as a car-sharing, ride-sharing arrangement. Yeah right..Carpooling is an exercise in getting along and going along. 'Keep my eye on the prize'--I tell myself. 'Think of the benefits.'

OK -- we now have a working definition of carpool-ing. Let's examine the nexus (link) between carpooling and psychotherapy. What is that nexus? Simply this-->Psychotherapy is interpersonal connections within an office (think of the Freudian Couch); carpooling is interpersonal connecting within a traveling personal automobile. Get the picture?

I Had a Tough Day

We've all had one or two hellacious workdays. Today (Thursday) was my turn in the saddle. Not wanting to waste valuable blog space for ranting about my workplace correctness --of course, I was/am right, naturally (=; --my aim here is to paint a word picture. Also, it was my turn to drive (up and back).

I was semi-stewing about my day. Then, as I drove the Ford Explorer homeward bound, I detected wispering and murmuring in the back seat. Although emotionally-spent from my day (re-read the beginning paragraphs), I tuned-in to the backseat vibes.

'Hey, y'all good back there?' I inquired. No...actually, it's your driving. You're kinda following too closely to the cars in front of you. 'What can do differently?' I inquired.

Growing Pains!!!

My workplace interpersonal interactions was a growth experience today. I was having to eat large portions of Crow with a side desert of humble pie. Now, my carpool (how dare they) were suggesting that my driving was unsafe. Translation: Andre is an unsafe driver.

Lost for words, my passengers (carpoolers) grew mum. Noting the deafening silence, I chimed in: 'Would it help if I drive in the right lane; following the speed limit to the letter?' "Sure," they said.

Please Stop the Merry-Go-Round

I tell personal growth (today) was invaluable. I grew soooo much. Indeed, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But C' much growth can one self-actualized human-being digest in one single day.

As with psychotherapy, so it is with carpooling. When the Therapist...Carpoolers make a united tandem suggestion for growth, maybe, the thought should be fully entertained.
My carpool was frightened by my driving. SCARED would be a more appropriate definition. After all, three well-behaved federal government bureaucrats can't be ALL wrong.

So here I sit tonight (written at 7:30 pm; posted at 11 am) posting my carpool therapy session via online blogging.  Admittedly (shockingly), Andre ain't perfect. Yet, he is smart enough to save himself hundreds of dollar$$ and countless hours of psychotherapy by forming a carpool --soliciting, listening, and adhere to their feedback.

I love personal growth...don't you? Here's a suggestion; join or form your very psychotherapy group...err, rather, I meant form a Carpool!

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