Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Celebrate Guilt-free Success

I'm having a Large Slice of Personal Success right now. Not only that, but my slice has an extra helping of Heavy Whipped Cream on top. I've Earned It...Celebration! Yesssssss....

My gloating is a result of a contrary stance that we, as humans, do not nor celebrate our successes. Oh sure, we strive for more; more money, more freedom, more real estate, and for some, more love.

Yet, what's missing is the enjoyment thereof. I mean, we want, get, strive, and hussle. But do we taste the food, or simply swallow it?

The picture I'm trying to paint is here is that all of our GET, is based upon a dirty little four-letter word. FEAR! That fear is based upon not having enough...running out.

Celebrating Good Times

I got a new job. Wait, I got a New Life! I was bored and unchallenged within my last line of work. I needed a change; a heart transplant. I craved a Career makeover. Being over 50, the odds were not in my favor. Yet, with lots of help from family and friends (along with the grace of my Lord), I prevailed.

The road to success was difficult; yet the victory is ever so sweet. The thing is, my carnal mind instantly went to promotion, pay raises, and political-jockeying to reach the top rung of the career ladder. And that was my mental thought process for day one only. Day Two was more of the same.

But wait, why aren't I celebrating my success. After all, against impossible odds, hadn't I succeeded? But true to human form, I was losing sight of the main thing. The enjoyment of the moment. The savoring of the 7 layer chocolate mousse cake.

What about you all...Do you ever pat yourself on the back? Upon receiving a compliment, do you counter with an excuse? Many of us respond to compliments with, "Oh that was nothing!" instead of a simple, "Thank you."

Make a promise to yourself -- right here, right now. 'I Will Celebrate My Success!'

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