Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How I Discovered My Life Purpose on Fathers Day

Another Fathers day has come and gone (2011). The usual BBQ grilling of burgers, sausage, steaks, chicken, etc...made a grand splash followed by an unspectacular round of GERD (heartburn) and indigestion. Too much food --too much Sun --too much fun.

Still, worldwide (especially in the State of Texas, USA), fathers day is a grand tradition. For me, this particular celebration, held this year in my backyard pool & patio, brought a significant fire-branding Hhigher Purpose .

I discovered the reason for my Universal existence.

It's All About the Family

Reading form the Book of Ecclesiastes, we find the author (King Solomon) writing -- over and over again -- a hammering upon a common theme. "All is Vanity!"

In a nutshell; all of humankind's mad pursuits are fruitless. Why? because we will all leave this earth...sooner or later.

So what is lasting, enduring, and significant (within this earthly realm in which we exist). One word: FAMILY (period).

Family is what the famous psychoanalyst, Dr Carl Jung, referred to as an archetype. Archetypes are universal symbols found with all genres, cultures, and generational societies. Family is a symbol of Unity, Strength, and most importantly...Love!

One of the hidden meanings of family is that of our relationship with the Inner World -- The Spiritual Realm. World Religions often associate deity (God-s) as a "family" of sorts. In fact, Judeo-Christians refer to their deity as a Trinity; a God of Three---Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What is My Unique Purpose?

My purpose for existing is without question. No complexity, preponderance, nor aggrandizement. I was created to be a Father to my children. Moreover, that definition entails being a SOLID Husband, Citizen, and (choke) Employee (or Business owner as the case may be).

One can't be one thing without the other. As it goes on the street corner --"Ya Gotta Represent!"

My kids are 30 & 26 years of age. Nevertheless, they continue to watch and observe me. Perhaps, because of their observing me in my early 50's, my existence provides a template for their future humanness. Kinda a proverbial shape of things to come.

What's my reason for being here --created for--isn't anything special. I was created simply to BE...a father, that is.

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