Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Encouraged by The Company Men

Unemployment, downsizing, layoffs, and suicide. What do these symbols have in common? Two things: serious life-kill-joy and the theme of The Company Men, starring Tommie Lee Jones & Ben Affleck.

While is a blog that encourages and uplifts, I felt moved and strongly affected with the storyline of this movie project.

The plot???; all too predictable...A Giant Industrial conglomerate begins to hemorrhage money. Within the true spirit of corporate greed, layoffs become a fact of life. And of course, as predictability goes, the corporate chieftains suffer no personal income hiccups related to their salary/bonuses/stocks.

Enter Ben Affleck; a mid-level sales account executive rainmaker. An indispensable, right? Wrong! He gets canned too. Affleck's character overspends, fronts, and lives Waay beyond his means. Fortunately, he marries a woman from a working-class family...she works as a hospital nurse. Eventually, they lose the house; forced to move back in with her parents.

Their are two other main characters, but their paths lead to life lessons their are predictable as well. One commits suicide because he spent his large annual income like ocean water; the other regains himself and starts up a new company.

Now, the Rest of the Story

Movies are inherently embedded with messages. The Company of Men contained several messages. To pick one, I'd suggest that the takeaway is this: Know Thyself...

Moreover, I recently experienced a similar career pinch as did the players in the film. One exception; mine wasn't a movie. Yet, similar to the movie theme, I didn't think that it could ever happen to me. After all, aren't I the Publisher of (a free website promoting how-to advice for career and resume creation). Well it did happen to me -- and it stung like a bee.

If I'd seen that movie during my brief (but painful) unemployment, I would've thought it impossible for a +50 year male to change careers. Yet, I (naively) believed in the possibility of the impossible.

Again, The Company of Men was a predictable plot. The great thing that was most enjoyable was that the pain, suffering, career disillusionment, and personal financial disaster, inherent to long-term unemployment, was -- within my real life -- All Behind Me.

I'm glad that that chapter of my career life is over (for now). Hey, pass over that bucket of popcorn to me...I'm trying to enjoy my DVD/Bluray.

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