Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Frickin Do it!

Just Frickin Do it! What R U Waiting For? I bet that many of you all are toying and/or Seriously Contemplating this very question now -- as I speak.

Starting up a new business, writing up a career change resume, ending a bad marriage or embarking upon a brand-new marriage...etc., etc., etc. It's this type of 'STUFF' that keeps us up @Night. Moreover, it also keeps us Stuck where we are!

Ya Can't Cross da Street if ya don't...

While studying at the public library, I ran into a stranger. He was in the construction business. Most impressive was that he walked off a job of 26 years without a Golden Parachute. He'd had enough.

At the age of ++50, he had reinvented himself. His new vocation? Construction Superintendent Consultant...a Freelancer. His rough and tough hands, resulting from years of construction, was overshadowed by his $400 dollar alligator boots, a diamond ring, and a Cartier watch. When he left the building, a 2011 Texas Edition Ford F-250 Supercrew p/u was his chariot.

He appeared to be happy. After approaching him, engaging in small talk, he spewed out his (former) career background. Walking off the job and such. Then He said...

Ya Kaint cross the street if ya don't git off da curb. Wow -- Powerful!

The Finale

Whatever is going on in your life, we need to add energy to it. Bad news? Add energy so it can move along. I've heard it said that the way we do anything is the way we do everything. Procrastination, contemplation, and analysis are nothing more than time-wasters...excuses.

So whatever is your dream, desire, or goal...remember this, please. Ya Kaint cross the street if ya don't git off da curb. Just Frickin Do it!

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