Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Does Easter Mean for You?

This is Easter Week. The annual Judeo-Christian celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, The Messiah. No worries if you don't buy into all of that. I realize that some of the Blog readers are Jewish, Arab, Atheist, or simply don't care. Great!

Why Celebrate Easter?
Ok...I have a problem. How does Bugs Bunnies, plus colored boiled eggs tie-in to a religious holiday of the highest order. Perhaps, if we slaughtered a lamb, painted the door threshold with the blood, and sang hymns while eating mutton and unleavened bread, I'd be cool with that. But easter bunnies? Please...

The one thing I remember most, regarding Easter, is that this was a day in which the non-regular church goers would attend. The second attendance --Christmas.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The Easter Buffet! Yes...

Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ
Say what you will about Mel Gibson (the legal troubles among other things...); the film The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) really got me going. Whether one is a follower of Jesus, or is a Religious Practioner, that depiction of Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus of Nazareth was brutal to watch. The tortuous handling by the Romans; history details the grotesqueness of Roman justice and punishment. Not to mention crucifixion.

Did you all know that crucifixion was designed to bring about a slow and prolonged torturous death. The exact of death is attributable via asphyxiation -- suffocation no less. Historians also note that Jesus' face was unrecognizable by his very own earthly mother. Again, the scourging and torture doled out by the soldiers Prior to his bodily nailing to the cross at Golgotha.

For the Sake of Love

If one believes in a Divine ordinance of Grace...universal forgiveness of the breaking of God's Law (aka SIN), then I find it romantic of the possibility that SOMEONE representative of Divine Creation would or could lay down his/her life for me.

Let's get real here for a minute. I love each of you all --as human beings on this planet. Some of you may even have agape (brotherly) love towards me. Yet, I AIN'T dying for you; You AIN'T dying for me. Yes or yes?

Here is my closing message of encouragement. Whatever this Easter remembrance represents for you, individually. Let's reflect upon this ancient truth. Of all the commandments and laws -- the greatest of all is LOVE. May the Peace of God (Yahweh, Allah, Holy Spirit) rain down upon you.

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