Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Tax - ing Love-Hate Affair with the IRS

I Love the I.R.S. Especially at this time of year -- April 15th. I love them because they make me do what I least like to do...what I dread. Everyone, All together now: I Hate Tax Preparation!
Ok, now that we've gotten that outta the way, lets return to the main theme. The Love-Hate part.

Whois I.R.S.?

I.R.S. abbreviates as Internal Revenue Service (aka income tax collectors). Say what you will, yet the IRS provides a very valuable service for -- right, you guessed it. The United States Department of the Treasury.

The I.R.S. is the ENFORCEMENT arm of the Federal Treasury. The Big Guy in the dark glasses plus leather jacket carrying a baseball bat. They collect/grab/extract the tithes and duties from the commonwealth in order to fund the Treasury. In turn, the Treasury is the keeper of the castle for the U.S. Federal Government.

Why Should I Pay?

Great question; in a single word, JAIL! I will go to jail. I do not want to go to jail because of the things that could happen to me jail. Moreover, my taxes contribute to the pay and compensation of my congressional and legislative leadership.

Without debate, our rational minds tell us that our government must have money (treasure) in order to function. Even (potential) presidential wannabee Donald Trump of The Apprentice fame understands this framework. Even so, that doesn't mean I necessarily Like It!

Although I'm a red-blooded income tax paying citizen, I don't want to share a jail cell with Wesley Snipes watching reruns of his old films while working out on the ©Total Gym. No sir...No ma'am.

Mo Money Mo Taxes

My sister website,, earned a few crumbs of bread last year. With that, I'll to invest a full loaf of bread (symbolized as time) to document via tax preparation the pittance of treasure that I earned. No, I'm not complaining. After all, Sir John Templeton was quoted as saying that paying taxes meant that one is prosperous and earning wealth. Not sure I fully understand that, but...

Today, I'm going to get my taxes done. And maybe -- just maybe, I'll receive a refund. Oh joy, what a gift. The I.R.S. may give me back a portion of what I gave to them.

Is it just me, or is this Twisted Thinking?

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EncouragementGuy! said...

didn't finish taxes. manana el otro dia (tomorrow's another day). ~AVM