Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't!

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't! This is a followup to my posting on Monday --Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

I'm whatya may call a Job Search Junkie. This 'dysfunction' goes back to me Army days; a kinda separation paranoia...what do I do when I get out of the military?

Fast-forward 15 years later, I continue to remain fascinated with career issues and employment trends. Guess that's why I founded back in 2008. No one wanted to pay for my grass-roots, street-smarts expertise; thus, I decided to give it away for free...

As much as I'm having, the reality is that I'm JOBLESS! I don't have to tell y'all -- That Be No Fun!!!

The Pursuit of Happyness

A few months ago -B.U. (before unemployment), I wrote about pursuing excellence. Maybe that inadvertly contributed to my present dilemna. What I mean is that the old job was fulfilling me; I needed to bounce in order to truly pursue excellence. Anyone out there ever had a similar career revelation?

I knew five years ago that it was time to leave. Why didn't I walk away then? My EXCUSES are/were bills, mortgage, family, economic name it. Bottomline: it came down to one Four-letter word --FEAR.

Jumping the Broom

There's an old tradition that dates back to Plantation Slavery days within the African-American community. When two young people decide to marry, their families put together a big whoop-tee-due ---> a Jumping the Broom ceremony.

We're not going to dedicate prime real estate blog space here to explain the intricacies of broom-jumping. But my point is that I never jumped the broom...but Now I Have! Broke--yes; exhausted--yes; a little scared--sure.

Feels like Heaven on Earth

It's only been 4 weeks since... And I feel Powerfully Amazing! Religion has played a big part in my continued mental well-being. Take that back; Spirituality has played an evn Bigger part. Now don't be misled. Calmness, Peace, Joy, and Contentment -- as applied to unemployment and job searching -- doesn't translate into Inaction.

No we don't sit around sleeping, drinking, and excessive YouTube watching We get going; Telephoning, emailing, faxing, and hopefully interviewing. The point is:

Job Hunters--Remember Our Mantra
No Grass Grows Under Our Feet!

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