Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Celebrate the Death of a Boss Lady

My former boss lady died. I went to her funeral. Her name was Linda Neault; she was 55 years of age upon her death. This blog post is a celebration; read on for the rest of the story...

Linda Was a Businesswoman

Indeed she was. Every volunteer effort -- every fund-raising...there she was. Now although she was All-Bout-Business, she was a rather attractive woman. Her husband, Paul, is/was/still a Good Guy. Yet, we're celebrating a boss-lady death.

What Was I Thinking?

Truth is, I wasn't a Great Fan of Linda. I worked for her in the Grocery business. She was always pleasant, full of energy, and extremely fair with issues of work conflict mediation. But make no mistake...she could be a REAL...when necessary. Once I read of her death and obituary, I felt a compulsion to attend her Roman Catholic Church Funeral.

Celebrating Boss Lady's Death

Perhaps it was a Catholic tradition or that particular parish, but the mood was far from somber. I'm not Catholic; but after attending the 'event', I gave serious thought to converting. What do I mean by Event? The attendees were city government officials, school officials, dignitaries, and common folk like me. 350-400 people turned out on a Thursday.

The Police Chief's Eulogy

I asked myself, Why the Police Chief? Husband Paul requested as such. The Chief stated simply, that 3 types of person were in attendance in the church. Those that loved Linda; those that respected Linda; those that both love and respected Linda. I didn't love her -- but sure as heck respected her.

She had a meticulous eye for detail. Her buzz word was Craftsmanship. From the front labeling of cans of soup on the grocery aisle shelves to the straight arrow standing formation of the Ladies of the Knights of Columbus. Meticulous...Craftsmanship.

More to Celebrate

It was said that she was send Positive Text messages while being hospitalized in the ICU. Her drive and determination was shared among those that knew her best. The songs, eulogy, cremation, and even the foodstuff at the parish hall wake thereafter was pre-planned by Linda by her prior to her expiration.

Where was I? Was this not a funeral of a woman in the prime of her life? Where was the Grief? Then, I came to realize...

It's Not About the Painful

Death should not be an is actually a new beginning. A time to end and a new time to begin. With reference to the crucifixion and Messiac resurrection, we come to understand that futility of our very human frail existence.

We trade our time for money. Often toiling away for a high wage job in order to survive, thrive, and jive. Who are we jiving? doubt.

Seeing Linda's ashes being cast upon the ground with the scent of burning incense, I felt one thing -- and one thing only.

When my turn comes, I want to meet my Maker with dignity, and a sense of completion. To hear the Great Spirit say, Well done, thy Good and faithful servant.

One Word...Craftsmanship. That's how you celebrate the death of a boss lady.


Anonymous said...

Calling her "boss lady" is, to me, highly disrespectful and a bit juvenile.

Its dat boom bap 100% said...

"Boss lady" how is that disrespectful?