Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making Your Own Powerful To Do Lists

I'm making a list and checking it twice...goes the popular Christmas-time song jingle. Have you ever considered the Magical Power of making a list? Well, I have -- and I'm here to tell you why...


Yup, I truly love making lists. Mind you, I didn't say completing nor fulfilling the list items and tasks. I just like making 'em. A list offers me a false sense of security. When I Make a list, it makes me feel like I'm moving forward. Accomplishing something. How about you?

Once I begin and write-up my grocery list, my To-Do List, and/or my telephone-call-sales-prospecting list, a rush of god-like energy washes over me. A Super-Humaness with the likes of Superman comes upon me. Endorphins...Adrenaline-Rush; that's how I'd describe it.

List-Making is Only the Beginning

We've established that list-making can bring on an euphoric avalanche of energy. But then what? Where do we go from here? Think of an analogy wherein we have a balloon, a helium tank, and a birthday party. Unless someone (maybe you or I) connects the helium tank to each of the balloons, inflate, and place them strategically throughout the birthday party area, the intended result will fail to manifest. In other words, the list is only the beginning -- blowing up the party balloons requires an action step or two.

One of my list items includes losing weight. what? Perhaps I need to Do Something--Take Some Action(s)! Go to the less...ecetera, etc, etc.

Taking Action

One of my list items includes becoming a Millionaire. As of this writing, I am FAR AWAY from that financial goal realization. Listing -- Become a Millionaire -- without taking action, is only day-dreaming. Proverbial Sleep-Waking. Its been said that a Goal without Action is only a Dream.

Kicking it Up a Couple of Notches

Lists, in and of itself is a great exercise. I really get off on completing the list item tasks and crossing them off. Yes! But, traveling toward the road to riches and fame, with my Northstar navigator, I must work the plan (list). Making the list, was simply planning my work.

Weight Loss, building a business, gaining a job promotion, or becoming rich (wealthy) will require some work. What is that old cliche'? Success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration...

Your List is Your List

Finally, I say, Make Your List; Check it Twice! Go ahead; plan your plan. But hear this: No Plan ever got accomplished without someone or group of persons getting their hands dirty (proverbially speaking). As a matter of fact, one of my Mastermind mentors, Michael Masterson, writes in his best-selling book (the cover says it all), Read-Fire-Aim.

Masterson says that successful entrepreneurs simply Go-4-It...then, return back to the drawing board to figure out the details. Have you been procrastinating about...? Updating your job resume, working on your marriage or relationships? Maybe you simply want to lose 7 pounds of flesh. Ok then, put down the pencil, forget about making a list...Just Frickin Do It!

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