Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream-Catching New Opportunities with Love Letters

Recently, I was scanning a blog about psychic energy, astrology, and finding love. Interesting, huh! I admit, I'm into all of that psychic mumbo-jumbo. Tempered with a HEAVY dose of faith in an Almighty and Loving God. 

This article ain't about religion, spirituality, nor mumbo-jumbo. It's about Dream Catching Opportunities.

The author suggested to Catch a (Wo)Man, one must jot down warm and loving thoughts to their intended love.

How funny, because I'm already fortunate in that department (married x 30 years to the same woman -- nice...)

Career Love Letter

It hit me. Why not send a letter of love expressing my deep desire for a new business opportunity? Why not woo, serenade, and pant for a new job? I'll try letter writing...LOVE letter writing, that is.

Dear Dream Job --

Oh fairest wannabee dream job. How I would love thee? Let me count the ways. I will arise early, simply to get to my desk and prepare for the day's activities. The office telephone would never ring more than once, because I will anticipate the 1st while eagerly awaiting the second (ring). Hello there, my name is can I be of service.

An Out-pouring of (Business) Love

My Love for You, Madam New Business Opportunity or New Dream Job Wannabe, is deeper than the deepest ocean...Wider than the Grand Canyon. Higher than the Everest Summit. Oh yes, the scent of your new job description and/or the thrill of placing my first corporate sales call. Sweeter than fresh-picked country watermelon on a July summer day.

I want to experience your demanding work priorities as my blood heats up while running through my new job veins. Ahh, Nectar and Ambrosia -- the Godly Food served up from the New Company Cafeteria. My mouth's thirst is quenched by the liquid refreshment of my new office's water cooler. I laugh as I think of the career envy Steve Carrell must feel as he senses my new Office job satisfaction.

Waiting Patiently for Career Love...

Love is Gentle. Love is Humble. Love is Patient. I must become all of these things to fully realize career love. But oh, so sweet, tender, and perfumed that new job is going to feel and smell! I can almost Taste It.

Writing a Love Letter for a new my case, career, may sound stupid or even ludicrous. But I say this to you as wel as myself. If a new job will make me feel loved and vibrant (again), then what does it matter if that feeling is generated by a human love interest or be that of a job.

Either way, capturing the feeling of love, amor, or sensualness, is more than worthy of a love letter. Agreed?

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EncouragementGuy! said...

What Dream Career opportunities would you like to catch if Reality wasn't a roadblock?