Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being a Misstra Know-It-All

I'm a Know It All

Do you know any Know-It-Alls? Well, if not, you do now. You see, I'm a Know-it-All!

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Traditionally, a Know-it-All is one that believes in self-superiority. Can't tell 'em nuthin. The question here is, can being a Know-it-All be a good thing?
I say yes. Why? Because I'm a GOOD Know-it-All. Allow me to elaborate...

BEING A GOOD Know-it-All

Within much of my life, I was uncertain. Appearing confident, I was often a scared little boy. The facade (FAR-SAUD) or fakeness worked against me. When I pretended to Know-it-All, I cut myself off from gaining valuable tools and lessons.

Today (02/25/2011) I REALLY am a Know-it-All. I Know-it-All in that I Don't Know Jack!!! The great truth of my admission, is that I've opened myself up to receive the desired information, truths, lessons, and resources to achieve success (whatever success means).

Know-it-All Means Not Knowing

Judeo-Christians as well as Deity believers seek out wisdom and guidance from their Higher Power(s). I feel that we engage in this practice because we've to go it alone -- we fell down --so we THEN asked for help.

The KJV Biblical God is referred to as, The ALL-KNOWING. Confucianism suggests that their Leader was a Great Teacher.

My Father, a Truck Driver, often scolded me to avoid playing with flammables (matches, kerosene, firecrackers, etc.). He said, "You're gonna Blow-Off Your Head!" I never understood how my head could be blown-off until I witnessed it as a member of the U.S. Army.


Fast forward to the present. Here I stand...age 51. Having dreaded being a half-Century Old for the years leading up to that birth date, I now embrace it. I Am Mister Know-it-All. I Know-it-All because I know that I don't know.

While working on my Undergraduate degree, I was mandated to attend a Public Administration (P.A.) class consisting of 12 weeks. Being an Educational Psychology student, being enrolled into a P.A. class was a real head-scratcher. Didn't make sense...

The Prof, as he was called, was a Forward-Thinker. Having achieved Financial freedom, Dr Zayas was teaching college because he enjoyed learning. He DIDN'T need the money.

Zayas spoke about municipal governance from a standpoint of fiscal restraint. Translation: Governments (local/state/national) were Money-Wasters (year 1992). Funny...seems as though nothing has changed on that horizon.

He liked to quote Zig Ziglar; the ideas that came from his lectures were not organic to the textbook. One of his theorems (unproven truths), was that the greatest danger to self-employment and small business success, was blindness. Business Blindness: The Danger that one has the greatest threat from is the Danger that One Doesn't See. Again, translation: The Unknown!


OK, now that we've clarified things, you too want to become as am I. A Know-it-All...Yes? Here's how. First...
  1. Know that what you think you know is probably wrong.
  2. Acknowledge that you know more than most but not as much as some.
  3. Judge the knowledge by the actions...the fruits.
  4. Never accept advice or help from something or someone that continues to be unsuccessful with that which you are seeking.
Lastly, Be a Know-it-All by becoming a Seeker. Seek Truth -- for IT will set You Free.

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