Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bah Hum -- I Got Frostbite via an Amazon Vendor

Bah Hum -- I Got Frostbite via an Amazon Vendor: Searching Amazon for a new remote for my Sears garage door opener, I found this product to be exactly what I wanted. Features: Sears-Craftsman, Attractive-styling, and best of all, a Fantastic price. And it was from Amazon...oh so i thought )=;

ASPDOORS is an Amazon-approved Vendor; customers rating -- pretty good. The remote did not work; it wasn't compatible. imagine my surprise when I could not call telephone number or company address. Desperate, I found that the only way to contact 'Nancy' was via Amazon-email.

The 5 day backnforth went something like this: --- Original message --- "I'm really not sure why you don't think its your fault if you read the listing its says it replaces the 61lm (which is 390mhz yours is 315mhz)and that it will not work on newer openers with smart buttons which yours is it does say it compatible with Sears but all liftmaster listings says that..."

I'm not a garage door Inspector Gadget. My solution was to have another remote exchange via weblink; was willing to pay an extra $15. The response was: "'As far as calling I'm a internet business and it is a part time business so I also have another job so I'm not home most of the time for someone to call I can do emails from my other job not phone calls but this also keeps costs down for the customers', thanks Nancy."

I can live with a technical failure. But I hate being duped into thinking that I'm working with a company...instead, it was a transaction with a part-time internet-middleperson without adequate sales support or at least a mobile smartphone. -Shame on Amazon for approving this wannabee 'Company' as an authorized reseller. ~AVM

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Cocktail -- just add a dash of politics

All I want for Christmas is a warm cocktail mix of politics. Nope, this blog hasn't's still about ENCOURAGEMENT! But...

Herman Cain Started It...

Last week's post was about former presidential hopeful, Herman Cain (aka something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody). The barrage of campaigning for the January 2012 Republican Caucus @ Des Moines Iowa is like watching a 'Gone with the Wind' Saturday Matinee movie.

[Mass Gov] Mitt Romney didn't help matters much when he lobbed a $10,000 gentleman's bet against my beloved [state of] Texas Governor Rick Perry. What was Mitt thinking...Really Mitt...really?

President Barack Obama is of course, continuing to govern the country; watching the [Republican party] movie from afar (as are the Democrat - s). Not to be outdone, in struts Newt (Nuk'em) Gingrich -- former Speaker of the House.  The Huffington Post said it best...just watch-->

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Herman Cain Was Almost...

Lately, I've become FASCINATED with US [national] politics. I listened intently to National Public Radio (NPR) at 5 am during my morning commute. Herman Cain -the Great White-Black Hope- impressed me because he was something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody [sorry 'bout the run-on sentence].

Herman Cain is Donald Trump in Disguise

You heard right...Herman is Donald [The Donald is the Donald]. Mr Cain, with his braggadochia, multi-millions of dollars, and oh so-so political & business connection, is now known as "The Man who wanted to be President." He literally imploded. Yo, HC; how could you think that your private business was your private business. Don't get wrong -- Andre ain't no Saint, but he's a Nobody. Come to think of it, Herman, you are now a something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody.

Cain, channeled Bill Clinton; he saw himself as The Donald. But newsflash, Mr Cain: Yo name is Herman -- Not Bill nor Donald. Being the Great White-Black Hope has its perks -- but ya gotta look in the mirror and recognize. Really, Herman...really?

What do Herman & Barack have in common?

Ah Herman, so much promise... a literal Barack 2.50+/- But alas, it was not to be -- Something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody. Upon further analysis, President B.O. didn't try to be a Great Black - a Great Mult-racial unitarian. He Did Obama!

Herman, I get the message of conservatism, fiscal prudence, and the other Wharton MBA terms of endearment. You believed in those ideals -- a Black man that made a nice path for himself. Yet as the designated Republican something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody -- you missed one important ingredient.

The missing ingredient, in case you really want to know is this. To be something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody Republican, Herman had to know that persons unknown, aka the media (financed by unnamed patrons), would dig & dig & dig until a sorted discovery was made.  Buried bones, an associate who was a friend...whatever. The moral of the story: to be something special who was a nothing but caught people's attention to become a national nobody-somebody, be ready to be knocked off that catbird seat.

Sadly, I personally didn't like your politics...but I loved your hat, your singing, and your style.  Mr Cain, please hum a few bars of 'GEORGIA' on your way out the door heading back to ATL.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Precision and Craftsmanship are Keys for Success

I'm making a new commitment -- a path to success. How will I get there? I'm making a commitment to Precision & Commitment.

First, lets define Precision. Precision is to follow the Jesus rule; the Carpenter's rule (Jesus, in addition to being God in man, he was also an accomplished carpenter). Never heard of the Carpenter Rule? Before cutting, measure twice--cut once.

Second, the definition of Craftsmanship. Being the very best, that I am, in the present moment. I will be better tomorrow, than I am today. I am better today, than I was yesterday.
Everyday, in every way. I am getting better and better!
When others see my work, I want them to marvel at my precision, excellence, and craftsmanship. What about you...what is your claim to fame? How will others judge your works?

My keys to success is precision and craftsmanship. Everyone will know that THIS (whatever this is) was the work of Andre Milteer --that my friends, is Signature-Quality. My precision and craftsman watermarks my work; it's my Signature.

~Signed, Andre Milteer
aka Precision & Craftsmanship

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Thanksgiving is More Important than Christmas

Thanksgiving is More Important than Christmas...Period! Christmas, the time of year when we give too much; spend too much; drink too much -- but we are less happier than at any other time of year. Alas, not so much with Thanksgiving.

It's Not So Special

Christmas ain't so grand. Going back several years, my kids (now in their late 20's) really enjoyed Christmas. Me? Not so much. Once upon a time, I had to take out an 18 month loan to pay back Christmas. That'll take the Christ out of Christmas -- at least it did for me.

I digress (didn't mean to go off on a tangent). Thanksgiving is what it is; giving thanks. I, you, we...give thanks. Not for becoming (or not) rich; or whatever is our heart's desire. It's about giving thanks for the simple joy of giving thanks.

Why do I give thanks? Here's my list:
  • My life
  • My breath
  • People
  • Police Officers
  • Food
  • Refrigerators
  • Music
  • Pandora
  • iPod & iPad
  • Michelle married Barack
  • The resurrection of Christ Our King
  • Money Wealth Power Poverty Hunger Starvation 
  • Cloudy days
  • Freewill
  • A Job My Career my Online Internet business
  • Great Cigars & Johnnie Walker Blue label
  • The Scent of a Woman
  • Military force
  • Diplomacy
  • The I.R.S.
  • Family
  • God (Allah Yahweh Jehovah Elohim)
I'm Grateful For Each of You -- that read my blog. ~Happy Thanksgiving from

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Upon a Student

At this point, every one of my classes comes to the fork in the road.  They enter, as are you all, The Road Less Traveled.

One particularly bright student; an Army Retiree with a thirst for learning, was struggling. His A++ GPA was taking a real nosedive. Just like the Pre-WWII Hindenberg. He asked...

I don't get it? I can't give you what you want. He asked, How Do I Figure you out, Mr Milteer?

Scratching my chin, scraping my heel, and looking up at the sky, I finally said to him. "STOP writing for me...write for the masses that are reading your literary work." Of course, he was more frustrated and confused than ever. Not one to give up, he...

Researched, researched, drafted, edited, and...after collapsing into total exhaustion, he submitted his 1500 word paper. The Grade: a 92 (A).

Becoming perplexed myself, I cornered the student. I had to know; so I asked, HOW! HOW! HOW! He replied...

"I didn't write for you; I wrote for me and the thousands of readers the world over that will eventually read my work. I decided to make my writing--Tell a Story!"

The moral of this story is this: Everyone Loves a Good Story -- make sure you tell Your Story! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21 Gun Salute to America's Veterans

As we prepare to honor America's Vets, I always think of this holiday as one of mixed emotions. Yes, I am a Veteran. But it was until the last 3 or 4 years, that I began to embrace the depth of this historic and momentous occasion.

Mind-Blowing Stats

World Wars I & II, say a total of over 500,000 Veterans, that were killed or wounded. Once we add the total casualties of all of America's 20th & 21st wars, the figure exceeds over a million. Those that return from war (or conflict) never come back home whole. they are forever changed.

Remarkably, our Nation has come a long way with paying tribute to our women and men in uniform. On 11-11-11, let us remember those that have fallen.

Some gave some...some gave all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calculating the Value of Self

How valuable are you? What amount of value do I bring to the breakfast table via this Blog? Is a woman with 5 babies more valuable than a mother of (only) 2 children? I raise this question today because I...

I Fell in Love with a Car!!!

It was a hyundai sports coupe. SHE was slick and sleek; I wanted to caress her steering wheel and violently accelerate her chassis to an apex of thrill. Yep, I'm speaking of an automobile. Here is a perfect example of value. I assigned a value for this car; all I had to do was to tread down to the Dealer, and sell my soul for 84 months.

Quite often, we assign a valuable to ourselves and others based upon job salary and title. I'm the President, CEO, and chief window washer for this blog as well as my sister site, -Does that mean that I offer more value than a homeless hobo wino? Sure, my ego says yes...the Divine Universe hardily disagrees.

What About the Value of Charity?

I'm glad you asked that question. Charity is a result of one putting another first; it is more blessed to give than to receive.  In many ways, I tap into the energy of charity; in other ways, I don't. Charity for its own sake, is enough. Charity for the sake of raising one's stature, isn't charity. The word that comes to mind, in this case, is puffiness.

Education and technical expertise. You're better than what. Life isn't a contest; life is indeed a journey. Thus, I strive for the metaphysical essence of excellence and societal valor. Yet, it's kinda meaningless...isn't it.

The conclusion here, is to love yourself. Love Your Creator or Spiritual Guide.  Love your neighbor; and bring it full circle by loving yourself. Oh yeah, what about the car? I passed...why? I LOVED MYSELF to much to commit to an 84-month car loan payoff. Peace to You All...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got Milk -- Got Jesus -- Got JURY Duty

My number came up; got popped for Federal Court jury duty @Waco Texas. Reported last Monday. I wasn't prepared for...


Don't get me wrong, the RCCC was 1/2 my age...she coulda been my daughter. And no; I don't swing like that. But she was cheery, inviting, smiling, and extremely helpful to ALL of the 32 juror prospects. Having worked there over 3 years, I wondered how she kept her job...being friendly & cheery & all.

All of us weren't going to serve. The U.S. Federal court system runs procedurally-counter to state and county courts. THEY DON'T WASTE A LOT OF TIME!


The Judge began a jury vetting process called the Voir Dire Examination.  Panel jury members (those of us who haven't been selected for Prime time) are questioned under oath.  The Accused was a business owner that had government procurement contracts in Iraq. After questioning for almost an hour, the Judge set us back to the Green room (I wish). We were attended to by U.S. Marshalls...almost all business; but not as Men In Black as Obama's SS (secret service).

I was astonished by the variety of occupations in the courtroom. Of course, we had a Federal Court Judge with a gazillion long legal resume; plus attorneys (aka doctors of Jurisprudence).  But we also had educators, business owners, web publishers (moi), computer chip account executives, retired veterinarians, and on and on and...


I was not called to be one of the 12 jurors. Was I disappointed? Does a fish drink water? Sure, I was. I wanted to be one of those Great Americans that decided the fate of the Accused.  To sit and listen tirelessly to endless legal babble, legal jockeying, and to be the darling of affection for both the prosecution as well as the defendant (taking about swinging both ways...).

Oh yeah, I wanted to be in that number. To represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel. sure i wanted to be a juror; but alas, i wasn't selected. BTW, do any of you want to buy some worthless swampland in the Florida Everglades? Since I'm selling myself on the emotional detriments to being excused from jury duty, thought I'd try to sell y'all some worthless parcel of nonsense. 

Free at last; oh wait, I have to check in every Friday through December 30th. Hope that RCCC doesn't read this blog; she may want to teach me some humility by whispering to the Judge of my {false} desire to be selected as one of the final 12. Perish the Thought!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

There Aren't Any Jobs

I publish a weekly ezine on my sister-site, The site's niche is free printable resume resource help. Naturally, helping people find jobs is the goal; resumes simply help job seekers to get the interview.

One of the most popular newsletter editions, spoke directly to the question of No Jobs! Below, I'm including a short snippet from the article along with the hyperlink...enjoy.

I met with a client today. He works as a hourly public school athletic department technician. Translation: he works outside with his hands on behalf of the school football team for literally peanuts.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Benefits of Missing Deadlines

Once again, I've missed my self-imposed deadline. What deadline would that be? It's the one in which I've pledged to update my blog Wednesday weekly. Missed it…oh well. However, there is a hidden benefit here; and that is…

Deadlines Are For Losers!

We all exist under a deadline(s). At work; Deadlines. At Play; Deadlines. In Love;…(well, you get the picture). Most importantly, whether the deadline is either met or is missed, the unending feelings or connotations of Never Enough is ever present.

Great...met the deadline for publishing my (next week's) Wednesday-weekly-morning blog post; what about next week? Didn't meet my goals; might lose my job or fall off the GOOGLE blog-ranking...etc., etc.

Ya See, the road to nowhere (or somewhere) is endless. Hence, The Secret to Gaining Benefits from Missing Deadlines is this...
Don't Feed The Monkey!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steve Jobs Predicts Death of Suffolk News-Herald

Monday's Wall Street Journal's editorial page reported that Steve Jobs (2006) predicted the Death of the Suffolk News-Herald (newspaper) of Suffolk, VA. Not really, but he Did Predict...

Local Newspapers Will Be Gone in the Next 5 Years
Sorry, Mister Jobs. That Didn't Happen...Almost. This is 2011; five years hence the 2006 prediction. But again, was Steve dead wrong (pardon the pun)?

No doubt that Steve Jobs, of Apple, Inc -- iTunes -- iPod -- iPhone fame was truly a Great Visionary. NPR described him as the Man that gave us what we didn't need or want; yet of which, we can no longer do without.

Jobs, in the article, believed that people will, can, and shall get there news in a variety of ways -- whenever and wherever they want to. Case in point, my son, the Publisher of, NEVER picks up a newspaper; yet he is more aware and news-savvy at age 26 than his Master-degreed adjunct university faculty dad.  Not sure if he iPads; or simply subscribes to GOOGLE Alerts.

The Suffolk News-Herald
My hometown paper is holding her own. She maintains a World-Class local paper; serving the needs of the Commonwealth (as they call the Virginians). Local news, civic affairs, and advertising which serves businesses as well as pays the bills. The cool thing is that an Ex-Pat (moi) can keep up with hometown news via their 
website or their Waay Kool Facebook page. Best of all, they get it.

Just because Steve Job's predictions may/will/can come true about the Suffolk News-Herald (SNH) or the tens of thousands of other local & regional papers, editors and publishers aren't throwing in the towel. Why, because although amateurs like me et als throw out (or throw-up) news, we aren't as polished and field-tested as are the professional journalists of the traditional media.

Just like many career coaches and resume writers expand their offerings via Free Internet Content, The SNH has evolved into a web-savvy media portal.  Bravo Suffolk News-Herald...Bravo!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Drop The Soap

You've heard the phrase, don't drop the soap. It's usually related to showering behind prison walls. But it also relates to life behind the walls of work and career life...aka, the Professional world.

I Almost Dropped the Soap
Regular followers of Encouraging-People know that I began a new career a few months ago. Being excited  and in love with my new career life path,  I saw work through rosy-colored glasses. In careers and with love & marriage, the honeymoon of my new job has halted. The hard work of career-marriage has begun,

To be successful, the agency assigned a mentor for my professional development. But alas, things are not always as they seem.  After I almost dropped the soap, the wolf-in-sheep's clothing almost ravished me from the rear.

Being naive, I skipped along the path to passionate-production. Little did I know; the system is not designed to succeed or fail. It is designed for uniformity and conformity. All systems are the are machines -- Organizational Machinations!

I Can See Clearly Now
A wise philosopher once said: to win the baseball game, one must know the rules of the game.  Businessman and entrepreneur, Charles Givens added: when one doesn't want to play by the rules, one must get one's own team...and make up new rules for others to follow.  Sage advice, don't ya think?

I anticipate a long, 10-20 year career inside the agency. It's OK; I'll survive and thrive. It's easy; why? Because, alas, I know the rules of the game and how to play.  Teaching Point: Don't Drop the Soap!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preparing for a Monday Workday

Its a Monday...almost. Writing this post on a Sunday night. Got my checklist completed.
  • Coffee ready for morning? check
  • Lunch made? check
  • Clothes laid out? check
  • Go to Bed? not...
Monday is the Most Important day of the week

Too often, we start our work week with a drag. It's not until midweek, that we begin to crank-it-up. Not fair. Not to the employer, co-workers, or You.

I need to go to bed; have an O-dark 4 wake up. So my bottom line is this: Begin your Monday as if your life depends on it. really does!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How I Remember 9/11

I was at my desk; trying to make my sales quota as a new insurance consultant with a regional bank.  The bank closed after hearing the news of the Twin Towers destruction. I remained at my desk.

9/11 changed our world as well as our nation. My Church's Bishop sermonized about the tragedy; I have family members that, while spared, were employed as WTC contractors.  WTC white dust...WTC cough. What does it mean? New Yorkers understand this malady quite well.

September 11, 2001 is more than a bad's as momentous as the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. Stories of personal heroes and volunteers working tirelessly. NYC firefighters, Police officers, Port Authority personnel, and financial services professionals worked and lost their lives that tragic day.  The passengers of United Flight 93 commandeering the aircraft from the terrorist to avoid a high populous crash event.

The Bushes & Obamas remember 9/11

In Remembrance
9/11 is a byword among the American people. 
Just 10 years ago, the short list of historic events include:
  • At 8:45 a.m., American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the north face of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and  99.
  • At 9:03 a.m., United Flight 175 crashed into the south face of the South Tower between floors 77 and 85.
  • At 9:38 a.m., American Airlines Flight 77 crashed in a field southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, PA; taken down by its hijackers in response to resistance delivered by passengers.
9/11: A time to remember, a time to forgive, a time to live differently. ~Rt Rev Paul Moore

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama Jobs Speech Channels JFK

Obama's Jobs Speech

Earlier this week, I wrote a prelude to the President's upcoming Back-to-Work-America speech to the Congress (Thursday, Sept 8th -2011).  Mr Obama, as I heard second-hand on NPR radio, was drawing upon the 3-F fundamentals of public speaking. The 3-F's are:

  1. Fanfare
  2. Fundaments
  3. Forthwith-Forcefulness
What did the President Actually Say?

Obama spoke directly into the eyes, minds, and (tin can) hearts of the Country's Legislatures. Being "allowed" to enter into the Lion's Den, B.O. told the Congress, in no uncertain terms, that the in-fighting must stop--NOW! Too many Americans, for too long, have been and continue to be out-of-work.

Channeling JFK, Mr Obama quoted Kennedy as saying:
Mankind created the problems we face; Mankind can create solutions for any problems we may have. Moving back into his own skin, Obama told Congress to pass his jobs bill Now!

A short excerpt of Obama's job speech, is inserted below (full video hyperlinked above).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

America Goes to Work again...

President Obama is all set to unveil his job growth, get-back-to-work plan for America via Thursday evening TV.  He wanted Wednesday night, but the GOP said no. Just as well; Wednesday is Church night!

The main question isn't will he get folks back to work; but, CAN he get folks back to work. Millions of jobs were decimated during the 2007-2009 economic meltdown. Will these same said jobs come back? That is the $64,000 question.

Writing about Jobs!

I publish a resume-writing website. I blog right here to encourage the chronically unemployed to keep the faith and remain positive. I've even written about my own personal battle with unemployment and return to a life on purpose

The reality is that Jobs are the key to happiness and prosperity. I know, you say religious, love, family, and friendships are the keys to the happiness fault. NEWSFLASH: No job; no joy/peace/love...happiness.  Also, religion become dead and meaningless when you've been unemployed a fur piece--dry spell.

Here coming the Lone Ranger...

The general hope is that Obama has some magic bullet or blue pill. He doesn't...but neither does Mitt, Rick, Michelle, Ron, or Sarah. We are in a real pickle. Sacred cows; welfare, SS, government pensions --entitlements.

The most unpopular thing is that while many are prosperous and go-to-go, an unspeakable portion of persons are not.  The thinking is the old bootstrap mentality. "let 'em go to work!" Gladly...if there are opportunities for work (aka jobs).

Catch the President's speech Thursday night. Leave a comment on this b;log of your thoughts.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't Hate da Playa

"Don't hate da Playa, hate da Game," a work colleague recently said to me. Some of y'all may remember my writing about my new career. What do I do? Imma US government bureaucrat.  A very honorable and altruistic calling; yet there is the system as well as the gaming thereof.  As long as there is a system (or game), there will be a select few that will engage the process via beatin-da-game.

Labor Day 2011

Today is the annual USA Labor day. Federal, State, and (some) private businesses reward their labor force via a paid day off (paid is italicised for effect).  Unless you've been under a rock, the global economy has seen a rough patch dating back to the year 2006/2007.  Economists say that we had a full-blown recession; it officially ended in 2009. Wait a minute, is that entirely accurate?

The country lost several million jobs. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist or a Harvard-educated economist to know that many of these gigs won't least not in its former state or configuration. Many underemployed workers. Sure, many gamed the system--collecting UE instead of actively seeking and/or accepting work. Yet many simply could not find anything; why, because there was nothing there to seek.

The Present Mood

I was reading that Conservative politicians are calling for an end to extended UE benefits.  The mood is to boot the freeloaders off the dole and get back to work.  We want a balanced budget, lower corporate & personal income tax, easier access to credit, extended UE benefits, subsidized health care w/o socialist overtones, and...oh yeah--Free Education.  Seems like we want the farm without the associated early morning farm chores.

I was unemployed this year x7weeks; I did not receive UE. I was fortunate...BLESSED! I secured a great position working as a Bureaucrat---I Love It! However, my situation was atypical. I have a graduate degree, am a Honorably-discharged Veteran, and lived in a geographic location conducive to an increased military-industrial hiring need. Call it Luck, Divine providence, or simply Synchronicity; I call it love. I'm grateful and fortunate.

So here is this blogger's final thoughts on the subject--for this labor day. To the US Taxpayers, Conservative Politicos, and the Employed: Don't hate da Playa; Hate da Game!

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's about JOBS -- Stupid

This week, the media flooded us with grim reaper news related to the economy. Even Hip-Hoppers are toying with soundbites like GDP, 4th quarter earnings, debt ceiling. We've heard adnauseum; but it mean a whole lot.

You see, at the end of the day, the issue ain't about the economy, it's about JOBS...Stupid!

When we have jobs, we have prosperity. That's what we get when we boil down this ocean of economic double-talk. The Congress may not realize it; perhaps even President Obama may not get it either.

The Government isn't the Driver of the economy, the people are. Business create jobs; business are run by, owned by, and sustained by people. Government SERVES the people.

Years ago, I attended a wealth changing seminar from Peaks Potential training called Millionaire Mind. It was there, that I become wealth minded. According to Clarence Page, columnist with the Chicago Tribune, Black Americans lost over half of their net worth during the recession of 2007-2009. Wealthy, mind you, is the accumulation of assets. Real estate, precious metals, business and entrepreneurship.

Unemployment among Blacks and Browns, is a staggering 18 % and climbing. But, the war cry is to CUT spending. The issue again, is JOBS! Washington, "R U Listening?"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gurl, I've Got Much to Learn

I'm overwhelmed! Took a new job within a new career field with a LARGE U.S. Government agency. Gurl, I've Got Much to Learn!

For the past 3 weeks, I've struggled to learn the systems, lingo, amd the jargon. Again, Gurl, I've Got Much to Learn...

Finding the Sweet Spot...

This, as with all things new, requires a rewiring of the brain in order to achieve learning mastery.  Lecturing and study ain't enough; it also requires a wee bit of rote repetition. Remember the Air Jordan commercial, Just Do It?

Some of my concern for mastery stem from fear. Fear of embarrassment, fear of looking foolish...fear of failure. While conceding that fear can be motivational, at times, I think y'all will agree that fear is a negative multiplier. That is, fear feeds upon fear.

Here's my prescription to myself for myself. Just Do It!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Give Yourself Away

Last posting, y'all may remember my writing about the death of my (waah) carpool. Well now, I'm in the acceptance stage of grief. Still tender -- still sore -- but moving on.

This issue as with all issues in this chess game of life, I as do you, grow and learn from our personal experiences. We develop; hence the coined term, Personal Development.

What did I gain from the expereience (besides more solitude and a HEFTY fuel bill per solo driving)? I came to acknowledge that I was giving myself away.

2 Give away 2 much of oneself is to Give One's self away...

We're all givers, aren't we. At Christmas, we buy and give away, what? Presents...yes, of course. Our marriage and romantic love relationships, we give ourselves to the other. Giving is ingrained into us during the formative years, K-8. Give, give, give. Biblically, we are encouraged to give freely to our neighbor(s). On and on and on.

With reference to the aforementioned, can you all see how easily it becomes to give away almost to the point of self-neglect. In light of that, I've come half-circle on the subject.

One of my favorite alltime books is Giving is such a Selfish Thing to do. It was wriiten and self-published in 1993 by Peter Williams (RIP). Peter was a forward thinker. Departing from the book's central theme, I suggest that the book's followup title be:

Giving Yourself Away is a Stupid Thing to Do!

When we give away so much, our souls and spirit is depleted of spiritual nourishment. Somehow, doing the course of these human (inter)actions, we somehow feel more noble. Even God-like. That's a recipe for trouble...

I was so wanting my carpool arrangement to work, that I became GOD. Giving and giving and giving until I almost lost my humanity. Yet my former riders maintained their humanity by not giving a @!^&% about me. For that, I applaud them; I chastise myself for being Inhuman (e). They got it those individuals, I say Thank You, Sincerely!

Moving On...

Yes, I will reach out again; craving another group carpool activity. What will be different next time? Nothing! Simply, I will expect people to be as they are. And as for me, I will be myself. And what is that, you ask? That would be -- My name is Andre; my name is not M.L. King, nor Mother Teresa, nor Christ Jesus. I believe that would then make me a Human...yes?  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mourning the Death of My Carpool

My Carpool Died! Waahhhh... I was saving time and money. Who cares that I had to eat crow on many occasions followed by slices of humble pie. I still in amazement as to how it all happened.

The Power of Cliches

Of my 4 person carpool group, the other 3 riders had formed a cliche. You've all heard of the hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men? This was Three's Company 2.0; two guys plus a female. I was a fourth wheel. Funny, I always thought it was a fifth wheel...oh well.

The underhanded excuse was:
we want to go to a 5 person ride-share
You've got to be kidding; 4 real? I'm already biting my bloody tongue with 3 + me -- you want to add another body. No, I'm out.
Well, now I'm driving solo. At least now, I get to listen to my Positive Encouraging-People audio CDs; plus I get some me time during my 60 mile commute. Stay tuned for more musing as I settle into this (new)!. Cheers

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Five Life Lessons I Learned at a Kirk Franklin Concert

I went to a Kirk Franklin concert as part of a July 4th 'Gospel Explosion.' Kirk's newest single, I Smile brought such inspiration to me during my brief yet enduring unemployment period, that I simply had to hear and see the MAN himself.

Hence, the title of this blog post is, Five Life Lessons I Learned at a Kirk Franklin Concert.

Kirk Franklin is a Dynamo...a proverbial EverReady bunny on steroids. Conducting, dancing, motivating, and truly encouraging-people and providing encouragement to his audience. But this isn't a concert review, it's a short list (five) of my life-learning takeaway.

Number One

Kirk is Not a do I know? Simple -- HE said so. "Folks, I'm Not a Singer!" That's why he had a powerful sextet of female and male songsters on the stage background. The takeaway: Don't try be something I Ain't.

Number Two

Kirk is an Amazing Dancer. He delighted the crowd with demonstrations of various dance genres from the 50's to the present. Since he is a talented dancer, naturally, he danced! The takeaway: Discover your strength, and perfect it...

Number Three

Kirk wasn't afraid to highlight others. Although he was the STAR or Headliner, kirk shared the spotlight. Giving homage to 2nd Act, Pastor John P. Kee (The Legacy Project) as well as performing a popular number from opening act, Rance Allen Group performing their 80's hit something 'bout that name Jesus from  the Live Experience CD, Kirk shared the spotlight with others. The takeaway: Know Yourself and don't be afraid to uplift others.

Number Four

Act as if...with 3,000 persons in attendance, Kirk performed as if he were in London's Royal Albert Hall. I even suspect that were I the only concertgoer to show up that night, Kirk Franklin would have continue to give 1,000%. The takeaway: Always give your personal best...regardless of where I am or whois watching.

Number Five

Kirk spoke of his personal ordeal with high school bullying early on in his life. A dynamo of a man, 5'6", 140 lbs soaking wet, Kirk expressed the physical challenges he's faced as a result of his stature. To top it off, he was a self-professed Jesus-Freak!

His transparency was genuine and humbling. After all, who hasn't faced a LIFE challenge or and there. The redeeming moment for Kirk came when his music crossed genre from gospel into the Pop Top 40. Where are all those 'Haters' now?

The takeaway: It's Not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the Fight in the Dog. Kirk's newest single, I Smile proves just that.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Do I Get 2 NoWhere ???

While sitting through a rather boring lecture, I heard my presenter make an attention-getting statement. he said, "If Ya can't say where someone was, Ya can't say where someone wasn't!"

Hmmm... Never heard that one before; decided that I wanted to BLOG about it. First, the literal meaning (as meant by the speaker).

My group was applying decisioning skillsets toward the placement of personnel (yawn-yawn-boring...).

"You can't state emphatically that Mister So-and-So wasn't in Dallas Texas -- when you don't know Where He Was."

Where Am I Going?

Ok, going back to my original premise or question (if ya can't say...), then lets relate this idea to our own personal life's journey. If I'm not on the Path to Success in life, then where am I -- where am I headed?

Assuming that I'm off the beaten path to success, then that could infer that I'm on the road to Un-Success (ful). True or false? FALSE! Because too many times, we assume that we aren't in alignment with our goals, purposes, paths, tracks, and/or intentions. I call this, 'false assumptions.'

On the flip side, thinking that you or I are headed up the path to success (note how success is up; unsuccess is down), could also infer a false assumption as well. Here's an old adage: if ya don;t know where you're going, then any road will get ya there. Another pithy saying goes like this: There's no greater crime, than wasting your time, on a ship going nowhere. Cliches, yes; but some of life's best wisdom comes to us via folksy-wisdom mediums.

Follow the Headlights

Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine, once said that to travel from New York to California (via automobile), requires some planning and skill -- especially if driving by dark of night. Sure, we now have GPS as well as road maps, but what about the limited visibility caused by the darkness?

Hardy relates that when driving at night, he activates his vehicle's halogen headlights. In spite of the highway's headlight illumination, the driver can only see 200 yards ahead. No matter, because the driver (instinctively) knows that she will reach her final destination (California)...yard by yard -- mile by mile.

As with all things, the visible (tangible five senses) is formed from the formless. Another way of saying this is what is visible originates from the invisible. All things, especially great ideas, begin within the realm of the invisible.

Going back to our original theme, "if ya can't say where someone was, ya can't say where someone wasn't." No one cannot state that another (human) cannot achieve greatness. Why, because we have yet to go to that destination (greatness).

For all we know, that other person is already GPS tracked to arrive at Destination: Success -- far ahead of the rest of us.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Carpooling Cheaper than Psychotherapy?

I commute 54 miles to work each and Without a Saudi Oil Sheik gasoline budget plus other discomforts, I formed a Carpool of myself and three others.

So far, 21 days into this, it's working out. Or so I thought...

Carpool ain't for the faint-hearted. Scheduling issues, interpersonal bonding, driver performance issues, and many other considerations can outweigh the benefits.

What is Carpooling?

Wikipedia defines carpooling as a car-sharing, ride-sharing arrangement. Yeah right..Carpooling is an exercise in getting along and going along. 'Keep my eye on the prize'--I tell myself. 'Think of the benefits.'

OK -- we now have a working definition of carpool-ing. Let's examine the nexus (link) between carpooling and psychotherapy. What is that nexus? Simply this-->Psychotherapy is interpersonal connections within an office (think of the Freudian Couch); carpooling is interpersonal connecting within a traveling personal automobile. Get the picture?

I Had a Tough Day

We've all had one or two hellacious workdays. Today (Thursday) was my turn in the saddle. Not wanting to waste valuable blog space for ranting about my workplace correctness --of course, I was/am right, naturally (=; --my aim here is to paint a word picture. Also, it was my turn to drive (up and back).

I was semi-stewing about my day. Then, as I drove the Ford Explorer homeward bound, I detected wispering and murmuring in the back seat. Although emotionally-spent from my day (re-read the beginning paragraphs), I tuned-in to the backseat vibes.

'Hey, y'all good back there?' I inquired. No...actually, it's your driving. You're kinda following too closely to the cars in front of you. 'What can do differently?' I inquired.

Growing Pains!!!

My workplace interpersonal interactions was a growth experience today. I was having to eat large portions of Crow with a side desert of humble pie. Now, my carpool (how dare they) were suggesting that my driving was unsafe. Translation: Andre is an unsafe driver.

Lost for words, my passengers (carpoolers) grew mum. Noting the deafening silence, I chimed in: 'Would it help if I drive in the right lane; following the speed limit to the letter?' "Sure," they said.

Please Stop the Merry-Go-Round

I tell personal growth (today) was invaluable. I grew soooo much. Indeed, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But C' much growth can one self-actualized human-being digest in one single day.

As with psychotherapy, so it is with carpooling. When the Therapist...Carpoolers make a united tandem suggestion for growth, maybe, the thought should be fully entertained.
My carpool was frightened by my driving. SCARED would be a more appropriate definition. After all, three well-behaved federal government bureaucrats can't be ALL wrong.

So here I sit tonight (written at 7:30 pm; posted at 11 am) posting my carpool therapy session via online blogging.  Admittedly (shockingly), Andre ain't perfect. Yet, he is smart enough to save himself hundreds of dollar$$ and countless hours of psychotherapy by forming a carpool --soliciting, listening, and adhere to their feedback.

I love personal growth...don't you? Here's a suggestion; join or form your very psychotherapy group...err, rather, I meant form a Carpool!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How I Discovered My Life Purpose on Fathers Day

Another Fathers day has come and gone (2011). The usual BBQ grilling of burgers, sausage, steaks, chicken, etc...made a grand splash followed by an unspectacular round of GERD (heartburn) and indigestion. Too much food --too much Sun --too much fun.

Still, worldwide (especially in the State of Texas, USA), fathers day is a grand tradition. For me, this particular celebration, held this year in my backyard pool & patio, brought a significant fire-branding Hhigher Purpose .

I discovered the reason for my Universal existence.

It's All About the Family

Reading form the Book of Ecclesiastes, we find the author (King Solomon) writing -- over and over again -- a hammering upon a common theme. "All is Vanity!"

In a nutshell; all of humankind's mad pursuits are fruitless. Why? because we will all leave this earth...sooner or later.

So what is lasting, enduring, and significant (within this earthly realm in which we exist). One word: FAMILY (period).

Family is what the famous psychoanalyst, Dr Carl Jung, referred to as an archetype. Archetypes are universal symbols found with all genres, cultures, and generational societies. Family is a symbol of Unity, Strength, and most importantly...Love!

One of the hidden meanings of family is that of our relationship with the Inner World -- The Spiritual Realm. World Religions often associate deity (God-s) as a "family" of sorts. In fact, Judeo-Christians refer to their deity as a Trinity; a God of Three---Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What is My Unique Purpose?

My purpose for existing is without question. No complexity, preponderance, nor aggrandizement. I was created to be a Father to my children. Moreover, that definition entails being a SOLID Husband, Citizen, and (choke) Employee (or Business owner as the case may be).

One can't be one thing without the other. As it goes on the street corner --"Ya Gotta Represent!"

My kids are 30 & 26 years of age. Nevertheless, they continue to watch and observe me. Perhaps, because of their observing me in my early 50's, my existence provides a template for their future humanness. Kinda a proverbial shape of things to come.

What's my reason for being here --created for--isn't anything special. I was created simply to BE...a father, that is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Encouraged by The Company Men

Unemployment, downsizing, layoffs, and suicide. What do these symbols have in common? Two things: serious life-kill-joy and the theme of The Company Men, starring Tommie Lee Jones & Ben Affleck.

While is a blog that encourages and uplifts, I felt moved and strongly affected with the storyline of this movie project.

The plot???; all too predictable...A Giant Industrial conglomerate begins to hemorrhage money. Within the true spirit of corporate greed, layoffs become a fact of life. And of course, as predictability goes, the corporate chieftains suffer no personal income hiccups related to their salary/bonuses/stocks.

Enter Ben Affleck; a mid-level sales account executive rainmaker. An indispensable, right? Wrong! He gets canned too. Affleck's character overspends, fronts, and lives Waay beyond his means. Fortunately, he marries a woman from a working-class family...she works as a hospital nurse. Eventually, they lose the house; forced to move back in with her parents.

Their are two other main characters, but their paths lead to life lessons their are predictable as well. One commits suicide because he spent his large annual income like ocean water; the other regains himself and starts up a new company.

Now, the Rest of the Story

Movies are inherently embedded with messages. The Company of Men contained several messages. To pick one, I'd suggest that the takeaway is this: Know Thyself...

Moreover, I recently experienced a similar career pinch as did the players in the film. One exception; mine wasn't a movie. Yet, similar to the movie theme, I didn't think that it could ever happen to me. After all, aren't I the Publisher of (a free website promoting how-to advice for career and resume creation). Well it did happen to me -- and it stung like a bee.

If I'd seen that movie during my brief (but painful) unemployment, I would've thought it impossible for a +50 year male to change careers. Yet, I (naively) believed in the possibility of the impossible.

Again, The Company of Men was a predictable plot. The great thing that was most enjoyable was that the pain, suffering, career disillusionment, and personal financial disaster, inherent to long-term unemployment, was -- within my real life -- All Behind Me.

I'm glad that that chapter of my career life is over (for now). Hey, pass over that bucket of popcorn to me...I'm trying to enjoy my DVD/Bluray.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Celebrate Guilt-free Success

I'm having a Large Slice of Personal Success right now. Not only that, but my slice has an extra helping of Heavy Whipped Cream on top. I've Earned It...Celebration! Yesssssss....

My gloating is a result of a contrary stance that we, as humans, do not nor celebrate our successes. Oh sure, we strive for more; more money, more freedom, more real estate, and for some, more love.

Yet, what's missing is the enjoyment thereof. I mean, we want, get, strive, and hussle. But do we taste the food, or simply swallow it?

The picture I'm trying to paint is here is that all of our GET, is based upon a dirty little four-letter word. FEAR! That fear is based upon not having enough...running out.

Celebrating Good Times

I got a new job. Wait, I got a New Life! I was bored and unchallenged within my last line of work. I needed a change; a heart transplant. I craved a Career makeover. Being over 50, the odds were not in my favor. Yet, with lots of help from family and friends (along with the grace of my Lord), I prevailed.

The road to success was difficult; yet the victory is ever so sweet. The thing is, my carnal mind instantly went to promotion, pay raises, and political-jockeying to reach the top rung of the career ladder. And that was my mental thought process for day one only. Day Two was more of the same.

But wait, why aren't I celebrating my success. After all, against impossible odds, hadn't I succeeded? But true to human form, I was losing sight of the main thing. The enjoyment of the moment. The savoring of the 7 layer chocolate mousse cake.

What about you all...Do you ever pat yourself on the back? Upon receiving a compliment, do you counter with an excuse? Many of us respond to compliments with, "Oh that was nothing!" instead of a simple, "Thank you."

Make a promise to yourself -- right here, right now. 'I Will Celebrate My Success!'

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its Possible!

I've been away... No, not in jail/hospital/insane asylum/etc. Just away from this Blog. Why?

My travels have been a familiar one for many of you. Job and Career Change -- not a search, but a radical vocational (work) change. While really loving my work once-upon-a-time, that old saying [its a thin line between love & hate] came to manifest. I begin to literally loathe my work It was time for a change.

Having said that, I felt scared, unsteady, and vulnerable. Although I had a crystal clear vision/plan/resume, I had to grapple with the fact that I was part of the Over 50 Club. One career manual that I read clearly stated that this type of career makeover is virtually IMPOSSIBLE!

It wasn't until I returned to the basics. Although I already knew it (I publish a resume website), I signed up for basic resume writing workshops. A prerequisite to receiving the 4-hour training, participants were mandated to view a video of motivational speaker, Les Brown. Mr. Brown spoke non-stop...of his challenges, difficulties, and hard-won triumphs. The theme: It's Possible!

What the tape did for me was to re energize my spirits. As I had known, I was repelling prospective employers by thinking negatively. As I forced myself to think positively, my inner self (emotions) reflected positive energy. Almost as if the brain was tricking the heart...

Fast-forward, I'm now gainfully employed. I'm really enjoying my work; while painful, the sacrifice was worth it. If you are struggling or enduring a painful self-transformation, please take note of this fantastic truth...
It's Possible! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Frickin Do it!

Just Frickin Do it! What R U Waiting For? I bet that many of you all are toying and/or Seriously Contemplating this very question now -- as I speak.

Starting up a new business, writing up a career change resume, ending a bad marriage or embarking upon a brand-new marriage...etc., etc., etc. It's this type of 'STUFF' that keeps us up @Night. Moreover, it also keeps us Stuck where we are!

Ya Can't Cross da Street if ya don't...

While studying at the public library, I ran into a stranger. He was in the construction business. Most impressive was that he walked off a job of 26 years without a Golden Parachute. He'd had enough.

At the age of ++50, he had reinvented himself. His new vocation? Construction Superintendent Consultant...a Freelancer. His rough and tough hands, resulting from years of construction, was overshadowed by his $400 dollar alligator boots, a diamond ring, and a Cartier watch. When he left the building, a 2011 Texas Edition Ford F-250 Supercrew p/u was his chariot.

He appeared to be happy. After approaching him, engaging in small talk, he spewed out his (former) career background. Walking off the job and such. Then He said...

Ya Kaint cross the street if ya don't git off da curb. Wow -- Powerful!

The Finale

Whatever is going on in your life, we need to add energy to it. Bad news? Add energy so it can move along. I've heard it said that the way we do anything is the way we do everything. Procrastination, contemplation, and analysis are nothing more than time-wasters...excuses.

So whatever is your dream, desire, or goal...remember this, please. Ya Kaint cross the street if ya don't git off da curb. Just Frickin Do it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Search for Purposeful Meaning

What is the Meaning of Life? That is the $64,000 question. That's the alligator I'm wresting with in the Swamp of Life...

As it turns out, I'm not the 1st...nor will I be the Last to ponder this deep thought-provoking question. The Book, Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning, by Dr Viktor Frankl answers much of this mind-blowing question.

For me, it all started about 3 or 4 years ago. What is my purpose -- Why am I here -- What is the Meaning of my life -- How do I achieve Self-Actualization? Sound familiar to you...ever asked yourself some of these same said questions? No -- then maybe it's time you did.

I've Found My Purpose

In a nutshell, here it is. My purpose for being created as a human creature upon this planet is to help and encourage other people. Plain and simple. The magic (secondary yet important) question is the What & How?

To encourage and help others could come in the form of being an overnight minimum wage-earning bread baker. Think about it -- early morning customers arriving at the bakery to get their fix...Fresh Hot Bread--Smelling like Mouth-Watering Food of the Gods! On a smaller note of scale, perhaps yours is being a newspaper route carrier. Driving along the neighborhood; tossing the daily paper out the window into the manicured lawns of the residential customers.

The Rest of the Story...

Fine you say; Andre, it's cool that you've found your niche and purpose -- But... Wait, excuse me. Yes, I've found my purpose. However, I didn't say that I've found my niche. THAT my friends, is a work in progress. After I put myself into position to be used and molded and deployed by La Forza del Destino (the forces of destiny), then that special place/work/job/vocation will magically appear. The key is to know what our purpose is...the rest of the who-what-where-when-how will then work itself out.

Here's the thing. Each of us must embark on the path or journey to really discover our true purpose. The key word here is Discover! It's like searching for the hidden treasure -- the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After that comes the real challenge. What challenge is that? The challenge of Letting Go. The buzzword for this process is the Art of Allowing. That's where I am currently. Painting my Life's canvas; painting and sculpturing the Art of Allowing. Best wishes and encouragement to you as you set forth to paint your own Life's canvas. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't!

Job Searching is Fun -- Having No Job Ain't! This is a followup to my posting on Monday --Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

I'm whatya may call a Job Search Junkie. This 'dysfunction' goes back to me Army days; a kinda separation paranoia...what do I do when I get out of the military?

Fast-forward 15 years later, I continue to remain fascinated with career issues and employment trends. Guess that's why I founded back in 2008. No one wanted to pay for my grass-roots, street-smarts expertise; thus, I decided to give it away for free...

As much as I'm having, the reality is that I'm JOBLESS! I don't have to tell y'all -- That Be No Fun!!!

The Pursuit of Happyness

A few months ago -B.U. (before unemployment), I wrote about pursuing excellence. Maybe that inadvertly contributed to my present dilemna. What I mean is that the old job was fulfilling me; I needed to bounce in order to truly pursue excellence. Anyone out there ever had a similar career revelation?

I knew five years ago that it was time to leave. Why didn't I walk away then? My EXCUSES are/were bills, mortgage, family, economic name it. Bottomline: it came down to one Four-letter word --FEAR.

Jumping the Broom

There's an old tradition that dates back to Plantation Slavery days within the African-American community. When two young people decide to marry, their families put together a big whoop-tee-due ---> a Jumping the Broom ceremony.

We're not going to dedicate prime real estate blog space here to explain the intricacies of broom-jumping. But my point is that I never jumped the broom...but Now I Have! Broke--yes; exhausted--yes; a little scared--sure.

Feels like Heaven on Earth

It's only been 4 weeks since... And I feel Powerfully Amazing! Religion has played a big part in my continued mental well-being. Take that back; Spirituality has played an evn Bigger part. Now don't be misled. Calmness, Peace, Joy, and Contentment -- as applied to unemployment and job searching -- doesn't translate into Inaction.

No we don't sit around sleeping, drinking, and excessive YouTube watching We get going; Telephoning, emailing, faxing, and hopefully interviewing. The point is:

Job Hunters--Remember Our Mantra
No Grass Grows Under Our Feet!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Don't Cry for Me Argentina, goes the song. Madonna sang this theme song from a depiction of Eva Peron of Argentina. Mrs Peron was a Political Strong (Wo)Man, of course. Therein lies my story...

I'm jobless...going on week 4. Am I worried? No. Fretful and overly-emotional? No. Concerned? Yes!

Some of my former colleagues have called offering genuine sentiments of grief-like condolences. I appreciate it; after all, who doesn't need encouragement?

The American Dream

For many, the dream is to have a job, financial stability, house, car, and a few creature comforts. Those things are all important, but now the very top of list for me. My Top A-Lister? Meaning and Purpose.

The motivation to seek career fulfillment lies within providing a living for myself and family. Hey, I'm human just like the next Joe. But at age 51, I've discovered that life is more than food. Referencing the Bible's book of Matthew: 
 "Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?"
Motivation, Life, and Disbelief

I consider myself to be self-actualized. Still, my chronological age reminds me of the vanity of it all (not to mention other close family members). We worship youth within Western culture. Disagree? Take a peek at the magazine covers at the supermarket checkout line.

Nevertheless, I subscribe to the school of you're only as old as you feel. Well folks, I feel like 25 years young. Hopefully potential employers will also see me as such.

As I continue to walk along this path, I'll post another blog (job search) update on Wednesday. Until then, wish me... 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Does Easter Mean for You?

This is Easter Week. The annual Judeo-Christian celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, The Messiah. No worries if you don't buy into all of that. I realize that some of the Blog readers are Jewish, Arab, Atheist, or simply don't care. Great!

Why Celebrate Easter?
Ok...I have a problem. How does Bugs Bunnies, plus colored boiled eggs tie-in to a religious holiday of the highest order. Perhaps, if we slaughtered a lamb, painted the door threshold with the blood, and sang hymns while eating mutton and unleavened bread, I'd be cool with that. But easter bunnies? Please...

The one thing I remember most, regarding Easter, is that this was a day in which the non-regular church goers would attend. The second attendance --Christmas.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The Easter Buffet! Yes...

Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ
Say what you will about Mel Gibson (the legal troubles among other things...); the film The Passion of the Christ (Full Screen Edition) really got me going. Whether one is a follower of Jesus, or is a Religious Practioner, that depiction of Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus of Nazareth was brutal to watch. The tortuous handling by the Romans; history details the grotesqueness of Roman justice and punishment. Not to mention crucifixion.

Did you all know that crucifixion was designed to bring about a slow and prolonged torturous death. The exact of death is attributable via asphyxiation -- suffocation no less. Historians also note that Jesus' face was unrecognizable by his very own earthly mother. Again, the scourging and torture doled out by the soldiers Prior to his bodily nailing to the cross at Golgotha.

For the Sake of Love

If one believes in a Divine ordinance of Grace...universal forgiveness of the breaking of God's Law (aka SIN), then I find it romantic of the possibility that SOMEONE representative of Divine Creation would or could lay down his/her life for me.

Let's get real here for a minute. I love each of you all --as human beings on this planet. Some of you may even have agape (brotherly) love towards me. Yet, I AIN'T dying for you; You AIN'T dying for me. Yes or yes?

Here is my closing message of encouragement. Whatever this Easter remembrance represents for you, individually. Let's reflect upon this ancient truth. Of all the commandments and laws -- the greatest of all is LOVE. May the Peace of God (Yahweh, Allah, Holy Spirit) rain down upon you.