Saturday, November 27, 2010

R U Kidding Me?

R U Kidding Me? Ever said that to yourself? Well, I'm SHOUTING it right myself. Incredible is the phrase that comes to mine.
You see, I've just been hit with an Avalanche of Bank account Overdraft fees. The grand sum could equal a month's pay. Why? I.M.O.D.F. (its my own defeating fault).
Starting a new money system in both my personal and entrepreneurial life, I switched my money around. Moving to a Cash system, I failed to realize that the Old System (automated bill pay) would continue on down the road. The optimum word here is System; don't have to tell Y'all what that means.
This Blog is about Encouraging People, right? Ok, here's some encouragement. Don't make the Same STUPID mistake I made (regarding bank accounts) as did I. Pay attention to The System!
Wanna know what's More Stupid {grammar-error, I know}? NOT Learning from this money mistake. All too often, we ignore, forget, or gloss-over life's misfortunes. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana (Source: Wikiquote)
By the grace of God, I squirreled away a small money stash (Murphy's Law); not that nest egg is empty...what do I do?
Here are my choices:
  1. Fret About It!
  2. Fret About It AND Fret some more...
  3. OR {my fav} Think of Creative and Energetic Action Steps to replace and restore my capital (money)
Moving wannabe projects from the Gonna-Git-Round-To-It into the Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now; I will regain not only my nest egg footing but will SOAR like an Eagle. I'll generate double/Triple/Quadruple...times what are Stupidly-Lost!
Moral of the story is this. Pay Attention, Watch & Learn, and most importantly; Don't Cry in Your Milk! Remain Positive; Be Encouraged...