Friday, October 29, 2010

Life At Work

While shopping with The Misses last Saturday, I found myself bored inside of an outlet clothing and merchandise store. Rummaging Around, I spotted a small book section. During previous shopping excursions, I had found little nuggets of literature gold...yet, nothing like this.

Thomas Moore, unbeknownst to me, was a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. One of his works, Care of the Soul, elevated him into National Prominence. That day, in the store, Way Behind several not-so-famous cookbooks, was the GEM that I’m about to tell you about. A Life at Work.

For the last several years, I had embarked upon a personal quest to discover meaning in both my personal as well as professional life. It is said, When the Student is ready, The Teacher will appear! I can attest to that axiom. Thomas Moore’s, A Life at Work, was written especially for me.

Moore chronicles his own struggles with the World of Work and Career. Ultimate disappointments, vocational path changes, self-doubt, and experiencing a Chaos following events completely beyond his grasp and control. Seminarian, Wannabe-priest, University Professor, Psychotherapist, Husband/Father (twice), and finally Published Best-Selling Author. I felt and connected with Moore’s Sturm und Drang.

A Life at Work, the book, is an awakening. A Discovery! In fact, the book cover jacket’s subtitle is, The Joy of Discovering What You were Born to Do.

Leaning toward the spiritual and esoteric, it is no surprise that Moore’s background as a Seminarian lends influential significance to his writings. Historically, work and careers wasn’t something that one could cook up with regard to personal aspirations, dreams, goals, and passions. Whether the Parent(s) had worked within a trade-vocation, a family business, or societal economics, a worker was almost pre-destined to follow a vocational path.

Moore entreats the reader (finger pointing to me), to engage in introspection via spiritual insight as well as in-depth grounded research. This in-depth, grounding is that of Finding One’s Roots. Getting in Touch with the Soul. Then, and only then, can one hear the Calling--Voice--Urgings to go along a particular path.

So engaged, was I, in A Life at Work, that I’ve decided to prepare and publish an unauthorized book report. Whether this report will be a multi-part sectional research project or simply an essay...perhaps even a chronicle. I’m not entirely sure?

Yet again, A Life at Work has spoken to me in a most sensual manner. I hear the call to fully explore its meaning; the need to share my thoughts is too great. Can a Candle hide its flame in the dark? The light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not Source: QuotationsBook dotcom.