Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spinners-Sweet Sadie (original song)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Your Cup is Running Over?

Work, Family, God, Country, Job, Relationship...AGGGHH!!! Do you, as do I, have too much on your plate? Kinda reminds one of that old Negro spiritual song: "Nobody knows, The Trouble I see...Nobody knows but..."

This newsletter is gonna have a spiritual bent. If you ain't in to that, then go ahead and run away. Still here? FINE... Buckle up for the ride.

We all want to be finished. Finished with The Stuff; then we can get back to God. When God walked among Men & Women as the Incarnate Jesus (I told you I was going SPIRITUAL), He was busier than Busy! Healing, Ministry, Travel, Encouraging, and finally...Persecution!

The example that Jesus set forth is the importance of communing with The Father. Of our own spirit, we are nothing. Yet once we tap into the Holy Spirit of Our God, and/or Christ Our King, we are renewed. Moreover, our very spirit is rebirthed.

Friend, after you have tried and tried...desperately trying to make it our your own with your own power, turn to God. This advice, I give freely to you, Because, at this very moment, I too, am turning inward to seek out The Divine Spirit.
Best Wishes, ~Andre